Monday, June 18, 2012

UDON Reveals Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works

If you're a fan of Mega Man and the Marvel vs. Capcom universe, then you're in luck.

UDON Entertainment has announced Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works -- a brand new artbook chronicling nearly 20 years worth of art from all Marvel and Capcom’s video game collaborations.  Within its pages, you'll find all sorts of material from The Punisher to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  Official artwork, sketches, bonus content... the works!

You can expect to see some Mega Man in there, too, of course. The Marvel vs. Capcom trilogy featured Roll, Zero, Tron Bonne, the Servbots, and the blue bomber himself as playable fighters.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works will be released this November in softcover format.  A limited hardcover edition will be available as San Diego Comic Con exclusive, which kicks off on July 11th.  The hardcover edition will run you $100, while the standard softcover will retail for $44.99.

More details and sample pages at the UDON Blog.


  1. There might be artwork of the 3 Mega Man-themed stages in MvC1 and MvC3 too.

    On that note, I've noticed that "Bonne Wonderland" seems to be a common favorite stage among top players because it's not super-busy in the background and is mostly white.

  2. Interesting but those are too costly. I prefer buy the megaman game over this books. No thanks.

  3. ... As if the page you linked is a slap in the face to older fans.

    Venom, Megaman, War Machine, Roll, and Strider.

    Only one of them made UMVC3, and thats because some of the pros bitched about the lack of him(I'm looking at YOU assist me)

  4. I like UDON. Like, they and Archie seem to be the only people who really care about Mega Man now. Sure, this OCW contains maybe only a few Megsy parts, but still, they could’ve taken him out and said: “Sorry, we don;t know a Mega Man” like what Capcom is now doing.

    But enough of the rant. I just like UDON for their love to their fans. And that OCW looks really awesome. XD

  5. Pretty cool, I guess. The Punisher though? I'm assuming they have some concept art and characters in there too. If there's concept art for a Mega Man in MvC3 that'll be one of many last

    I see a slight error in the provided page already. The versus and super move pictures are labeled kinda wrong. Versus is actually the victory art while the super move is both versus and super move. Unless it's only that way in the NA version or something.

  6. Oh, and I guess they couldn't get the standing side views of the character models for the apparent character list? We see a bunch of sprites but then Chris' actual art. It's just a minor nitpick, but it does look out of place. Heck, the guidebooks have the standing models. I think I even saw them on Capcom Unity. Oh wells.

  7. As frustrating as MvC3/UMvC3 are... I won't deny that I love and have loved this series for over a decade, so this is awesome news to me. And hey... Tron and Zero made the cover. That's good, right?

  8. @Steven Chase: And it is such a magnificent backseat they have taken.


  9. This book is amazing. The art across all MvC games is good. And who would have thought we'd get the official art of classic arcade games like The Punisher, decades after its release? People complaining about this are downright ungrateful. I'm very excited. Hardcover for me, and I'll be getting it signed by the Udon artists and staff at PAX :)


    Seth Killian will be leaving Capcom by June 22.

    First, Inafune. Then Ono. And now... this Seth Killian? Wow... Capcom are really killing them off... slowly... O_O

  11. Sad news. Seth Killian is leaving Capcom.

  12. udon? oh please tell me how this is official art, i always looked at udon like at fanartists who got approved by capcom, but nothing more..
    i wonder if they actually did something except sf2hd


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