Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hitoshi Ariga Has a Message For You

Hitoshi Ariga understands your desire to learn more about his new Mega Man project. He knows you're eager. While he can empathize, Ariga's finding himself flooded with all kinds of question and he's feeling a bit overwhelmed. As such, he's taken to his DeviantArt in an attempt to quell the masses without revealing too much:

"Whoa, now I'm getting ambushed by all kinds of clever questions! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything at all?  ;)

When we were working to release Gigamix in Japan, it took a long time to get it all together properly and I was grateful for everyone who showed excitement over it. With this new project, I hope I can count on everyone to once again be patient with us as we work to produce something that will delight you!

The one thing I hope you'll all believe is that I love Mega Man with a passion!
... even if most of my tweets lately have been about Pokemon. (lol)

I promise I will make announcements as soon as there is new information I'm allowed to announce! Until then, I hope you'll all stick with me! "

In other words, stay patient and ease up on those questions! Certainly, you're more than welcome to drop Ariga words of support on his DeviantArt or Twitter.

As soon as more information becomes available about this new project, I'll be here to pass it along.

Thanks for the tip, OZKair


  1. i love this man.

  2. Ariga's project must be something significant if he REALLY can't talk about it. If it was a new manga or something, I don't see why he would'nt be at liberty to say anything at all. It must be a formal collaboration thing, and it has some important business reason to keep it undisclosed.

    And people need to stop fussing at him.

    I'm still convinced Ariga has the best life a MegaMan fan could possibly have. I'm constantly jealous of this guy : )

  3. Am I he only one who doesn't care about Megaman or video games comics ?

    WE WANT SOME GAMES !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Am I he only one who doesn't care about Megaman or video games comics ?

    WE WANT SOME GAMES !!!!!!!!!!


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