Sunday, June 17, 2012

Unused "Elf Trading" Feature Discovered in Mega Man Zero

Deep within the graphic data of the original Mega Man Zero, something interesting was uncovered by Cutting Room Floor member xdaniel. Apparently, the game might have once featured the ability to trade Cyber Elfs, presumably with other players:

An unused tab reading "Elf Trading" in katakana can be found within the game's menu graphics (bottom left). This feature is not present in the final game, and any traces of its functionality are non-existent.

Cyber Elfs play an integral role in Mega Man Zero; special power-ups that enhance the player's abilities or alter stage conditions. Trading Cyber Elfs probably wouldn't have had much, if any affect on gameplay. I imagine the feature would've brought a social aspect to the game, sort of like trading chips in Mega Man Battle Network.

It's funny now, but I remember when Mega Man Zero released there was considerable demand among players for an Elf Trading feature. Ten years later, we're looking at solid proof Capcom once considered the prospect. I wonder why they removed it?

Interesting find, to say the least.

Source: Jul -- Cutting Room Floor


  1. Even after a decade of research, nobody fully understood Zero's systems.

  2. Maybe because it's kind of too easy to get the Elves you want? It's not like the Elves you find in the stages are randomized or anything, so I can see why there wouldn't be much of a use for Elf trading. I certainly wouldn't have used it.

    The only use I can see with it is to get Elves you missed from stages that you can no longer enter, though you'd still have to trade one of your Elves to get the ones you're missing. If you trade, there's no way to get a complete list of the Elves...

    Unless maybe at one point, the Elves were randomized and aplenty before becoming limited and pre-set in stages. I could see a trade system working then.

  3. Maybe we're overthinking and this was just to trade the elves you carried with you? (Done in menu instead of Transerver?)


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