Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grab Mega Man X on iOS for 99 Cents

From now until July 4th, you can score the iOS version of Mega Man X for just 99 cents. Sure, it's not the ideal version of the SNES classic, but at that price it's probably worth a look. And, hey, at least it looks nice.

Also on sale for 99 cents from Capcom, Street Fighter IV Volt and Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting. Grab 'em while you can!

Source: Touch My Apps (thanks, Timothy)


  1. This is the price it should have been. I will be buying this

  2. X is so freaking hard on the SNES already. How on earth would you play with a touchscreen?

    Cash grab.

  3. Still too expensive.

  4. It's really WAY more playable than you'd expect. Considering the challenges and extra modes, it's a great deal for a buck, though I agree that that's what it should have cost to begin with.

    Instead of just moaning and criticizing from the sidelines without having even tried it yourself to base an opinion on, why not just get it now and give it a shot?

    Seriously, you'd blow that dollar on smokes or fast food, or anything else and not even notice it was gone anyway. Maybe you'll like it, mabe you won't, but why not get something you'll remember afterwards?

  5. @Anonymous June 30, 2012 9:36 AM
    A wise man once said, "It takes no damage, no upgrades, no weapons, and maybe some asshole repeatedly punching you in the crotch to make X1 even remotely difficult in any fashion".

  6. I dunno, Sigma's last battle is a long, annoying nightmare...

  7. "Instead of just moaning and criticizing from the sidelines without having even tried it yourself to base an opinion on"

    I get tired of seeing phrases like this on the internet. Sure, in a lot of cases, you should knock things before you try them. But there are these things we call experience and inference, and they're very important tools in life. You can make an inference based on past experience (in this case, touchscreen platformers) and you're always free to criticize a company for not catering to your reasonable wishes. That's what they exist to do. Please us, so we give them money.

  8. I'll definitely get it if it comes to Android. Maybe they can polish it some more in the porting process.

  9. This is a crappy port of an otherwise great game. The only really good part of the port is the redone dialogue, which was brilliantly done! That's about it.

    That said, 99 cents is an ideal price for this version of the game. :D
    ... too bad I don't have anything iOS due to the fact that Apple is an evil, monopolizing company. :3

  10. "I´d put my TWO CENTS in it", yeah and I´m saying a lot with this.


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