Thursday, June 7, 2012

BBA Mega Man On-the-Go? Street Fighter X Tekken Could Be Heading to iOS

Bad Box Art Mega Man and his big 'ol gut may soon be coming to an iOS device near you. According to Famitsu, Capcom is currently demonstrating Street Fighter X Tekken running on iPad and iPhone at E3 2012.

Before you get too excited, it should be noted this is just a tech demo. Capcom *supposedly* doesn't have definite plans to port the fighter over to iOS just yet; however, they are gauging interest in the prospect at E3.  But really, let's not kid ourselves.  This is Capcom.  Of course we're going to see this happen.

Now, if only they can get to work on a Nintendo 3DS version... Bad Box Art Mega Man and all.

Source: Shoryuken


  1. Don't worry Protodude, I would never get excited for BadBoxArt Megaman

  2. Not interesting. I rather for Wii U nor 3DS, thank you very much.

  3. No thanks, I rather for Wii U nor 3DS, thank you very much.

  4. Will they find a way to repeat the console versions' DLC fiasco?

  5. Can't be there :/ From the sounds of it, Capcom had a deal with Sony for the 2. There was no reason otherwise for him and Pacman to not be on 360 and PC.

  6. @RADIX Of course, Japanese companies simply don't understand the concept of DLC, period.

    There was also some loose talk about "Darkstalkers" being "not dead", nothing is "dead" at Capcom, it's just in stasis, right Blue Bomber?

  7. Anon above Radix; the general consensus is MM and Pac Man will be available abroad eventually. They're in the data of the 360 version.

  8. For the last time, the iOS is NOT a console nor a handheld. Nor are other mobile devices. If you want to make a game, make it for a real system.

  9. @Jimb0: Could have just been Capcom laziness. After all, all the DLC has been on disc for many of their games lately....

  10. You know a games badly made when it gets ported to the same 'console' that a game that came out in 2002.

  11. I am excited for:
    [_] Being able to play SFxT
    [_] Being able to play fighting games on iOS devices
    [_] Being able to use BBA Megaman
    [_] Being able to pay for a game and possibly DLC on a machine which doesn't seem like a good fit for the genre
    [X] None of the above

  12. gosh darn it capcom! there are so many things this company needs to stop doing.

    1. Stop treating iOS and other similar devices like consoles! They barely make platformers playable let alone button combos in a fighting game possible!

    2. With that in mind, stop bothering with these iOS ports! Nobody wants these ports because the control sucks! Stop wasting money on these!


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