Monday, June 4, 2012

D-Arts Zero Type 2 Video Review

Still on the fence about Bandai's latest D-Arts Mega Man X figure? Then perhaps this in-depth video review from Peaugh will help you out:

Readily available in Japan, Zero Type 2 is slated to hit retailers in North America next week, closer to or on June 15. Pre-orders are still open from the usual places like Big Bad Toystore and Toy Arena.

Thanks for the tip, RonJon.


  1. That sharp one looks like it would make a good Sandwich toothpick.

  2. umm...this video has nothing to do with TFSource (a online store dedicated to transformers related items)

    it's by a youtube reviewer named Peaugh who is sponsored by TFSource only because he offen reviews transformers toys
    (but also reviews other stuff too)

  3. I'm quite pleased with the array of swords.

  4. i've seen this review on youtube, which is a awful review. he left out a lot of things. he also seemed to be in a hurry, no much caring for it, as mostly he does transformers reviews. he doesn't even seem to know of megaman. if you watch his stupid video review of zero ver.1 he calls X "Zero" like 3 times in a row! come on! and apparently if you comment about his reviews, like mentioning that he forgot this or that, he bans you. don't even bother watching the video as he left out a lot of things. just wait for someone else to do a actual video review of Zero type2.

  5. Does anyone else notice that his Zero has a paint error on Zero's white crouch part right next to the yellow lines or something. Theres a silver tab mark. Are those those paint errors that I heard about?

  6. I think he bans people who leave comments pointing out something that he missed or screwed up on because he doesn't want his sponsor to fire him. So he bans people to hide his mess ups.

  7. First off, accidents happen, and he's not really a hardcore megaman fan, so it's not like it fucking matters. Oh no, he called X Zero by accident, what shall we do? We could not give a fuck, since it's a goddamn toy review. Secondly, I don't know where the fuck you got the "banning for calling out on screwups" bit, but I've never seen that happen with any of his videos. It's obvious you guys are just talking out your asses.

  8. "he's not really a hardcore megaman fan"
    Who told?
    So edgy!
    "We could not give a fuck, since it's a goddamn toy review."
    Cussing and talking down to action figure owners. Smooth.
    "I've never seen that happen with any of his videos."
    You've never seen him ban someone? I hope not, since, typically, only the owner of the channel knows the person is banned.
    You're so cool!

  9. @Anonymous June 6, 2012 4:09 PM

    Umm.. you can try by pointing something wrong in one of his reviews and see if he bans you. Call one of his videos bad and see what happens, if he does then hes silencing you even though itd your own opinion.

    Anyways, I say why do a figure review of a figure you have no idea who he is or much of it. Its like you entering a boxing ring to fight yet you know nothing of boxing.
    Over all its still a very bad review, as someone said earlier, he did leave out a lot of things. Theres now 2 more reviews of Zero type2 from other people and theyre WAY BETTER than Peaugh.

  10. The review flat out sucks!


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