Monday, June 18, 2012

The Megas' New Album Available for Pre-Order

Fans of Mega Man and lovers of music take note: The Megas' newest tribute album is now available for pre-order. Announced earlier this month, "History Repeating: Blue" covers the first half of the Mega Man 3 soundtrack. A follow-up album is expected to roll out sometime in the near future, completing the History Repeating epic.

"If you’ve been attending our live shows, or checking out videos of them on Youtube, some of these tunes may be familiar.  Some will be unfamiliar, other than the melodies that inspired them on the NES, because we have never before played them live anywhere.  Other tunes you may know from our live show are missing… to be unleashed when we complete the second chapter of History Repeating in the near future.  However, newer or older, familiar or unfamiliar, we think you’re really going to enjoy this record… it is the best work we’ve ever done." -- The Megas

Support The Megas and secure your copy here. Pre-order now and you'll get the digital version for free. Today!

Thanks for the tip, Lou.


  1. This album is the best combination of awesome, Mega Man, and more awesome ever. These guys rock, and damn, they've gotten better.

    "I tell her I think that she's the one.
    Her answer is a brother with a loaded gun.
    If these magnets do what they say,
    How come I could never make her stay?"
    - Don't Mess with Magnetman

    Throw money at them.

  2. I loved always The Megas :3
    I preordered yet :)


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