Friday, June 8, 2012

Chad Thomas Shows Off Alternate Mega Man #17 Covers

Chad Thomas, the artist for the recent issues of Archie’s Mega Man comic, has posted a slew of cover variant sketches to his blog.  The focus this time around is Mega Man #17, Proto Man's debut issue. Have a look:

The above represents some of Chad's early #17 covers: heavy on action, the spotlight entirely on Proto Man.  However, editor Paul Kaminski wanted something a bit different; something "more representative of the feel of the story and Blues origin or something including Megaman himself on the cover."

Back to the drawing board, Chad whipped up these bad boys the following morning...

"Paul went with thumb#08 and off to work I went," says Chad.  "I got really lucky on this cover and Paul liked it pretty much from the get go and his notes amounted to adjusting Doc Light and Megaman so they weren’t leaning a ton and changing their expressions/poses up a bit."

The cover then entered the final stages and with the help of Gary Martin and Matt Herms, we ended up with this beast right here:

A job well done!

Mega Man #17 hits newsstands and mailboxes in September. Thanks for the tip, CrimsonSeiko!

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