Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bandai Working on Next Mega Man D-Arts

Details are slim at the moment, but word has it Bandai are moving forward with a new figure in the D-Arts Mega Man line.  The news comes from a recent interview between TFW2005 member Secretcode and a representative from Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA, Bandai's North American distributor:

Secretcode: Will the Mega Man X D-Arts continue after Vile?

BlueFin: There is something being planned right now for the next character in the mega-man universe though I cannot comment on it. 

Earlier this year, Bluefin Tamashii asked you to go vote on which Mega Man character you'd like to see a D-Arts figure of.  Mega Man Volnutt got the most votes; busting the competition with 665 votes.  It's quite possible Volnutt is the new figure given the results...  but, then again, Sigma came in second place. Bear in mind, the current D-Arts figures derive from the X series; for consistency's sake, Sigma may be the more appropriate candidate.

Whatever the outcome, I'm just glad to hear we'll have something new to look forward to following Vile's release. Hopefully, we'll have more news on this soon.

Stay tuned!

Source: TokuNation


  1. I'm in no hurry to buy a D-Arts Volnutt figure.

    I haven't even bought a Rockman Zero Kotobukiya Kit yet...

    I'll take a more deserved Sigma Figure any day.

  2. Shame that it's not Volnutt. The ballot was being stuffed and Bluefin is well aware of it. Unfortunate since I'd have really like a volnutt D-Arts but it's not like Capcom would actually allow it to happen anyway. At least I wanted Sigma more.

  3. If they both come out and not as web exclusives, I don't care which comes first

  4. I'm not really that eager to get my hands on any of the existing d-arts figures right now, but Sigma might just change that. Depends on how he looks though. Something closer to his maverick hunter x appearance would be sweet.

  5. how i wish it is Axl or Alia...

    but Vollnut without Roll and Data is a no...

    but having vollnut is probably ok :D

  6. That's quite true, Bluefin and Bandai know all about the ballot stuffing from multiple sources so it looks like it's Sigma getting the figure treatment.

    Which to be honest, works well for me. Plus, we need another bad guy for the guys to fight anyways!

  7. After seeing MADHANDS' Sigma head, I'd love to see a bold D-Arts presentation for Sigma. Not that this would be good for sales, but I'd love to have a Rightot/Auto D-Arts figure.

  8. But they ask hm about Mega Man X D-Arts?, note the Mega Man X part, I think is implied in the reply that the next figure will be in that line, isn`t it?.

    Or maybe when he said "Mega Man universe", he is hinting that the figure is not from the X line?.

  9. His "mega man universe" remark seems to imply it could also be not from the X series.

    It's volnutt.

  10. I think everyone who voted Volnutt also knew that Sigma will come first, to complete the X line.
    At least I had Sigma in mind when I clicked Volnutt.

    Even if Volnutt won, Sigma would come first, not only because -probably- half of the votes on Volnutt were fake or something, but because he never had a good figure and he would be the perfect one to end the X line (with maybe a variant figure later on).

  11. I hope it's not Volnutt.

    I want them to continue making Mega Man D-Arts, not stop because people didn't buy Volnutt.

    You voted for him. Good job. You sure sent your message. Now how many of you will actually buy him?

  12. @Anonymous:
    "I'm not really that eager to get my hands on any of the existing d-arts figures right now"

    You should be. The basic X figure is already breaking the $100 mark on the collector's market. The rest are sure to follow. You want 'em? Get 'em now!


  13. @ Prof. MegaMan
    I agree, anyone on the fence should buy these now. For anyone who wishes they had the Ltd. Edition Comic Version X, You can still get those on Yahoo Japan Auctions for 5,000yen or less, which means after proxy bidding, you are still under $100 shipped. Way more valuable/memorable than the SDCC version.

  14. I say Sigma is best for the current line as Sigma will fit perfectly. But Volnutt? As much as I also like the Legends series, Volnutt won't fit with current line. Like I'll have X, Zero, Vile, and Volnutt???
    But with Volnutt's release it'll might start a new line of D-arts of the Megaman franchise. So we'll have 2 lines of figures.

    The current D-arts basic X is going for high is because of those greedy stupid sellers on ebay, they think that the D-Arts basic X is worth that much by comparing them to the old Bandai model kits. Just because some of the old model kits go for high doesn't mean the D-Arts basic X is the same, just because its X? The D-Arts are still brand new and will continue to be brand new until like 10 years from now. They might re-release basic X again people for all we know. I mean they were already sellers on ebay putting the newly Zero type2 figure for high prices already even though it hasn't even been released yet!!!

  15. I really like the D-arts line. My Zero V2 just came in a few days ago..and he's AWESOME, especially alongside X. I haven't even properly played the X series games ..but I couldn't resist getting them.
    I'll take a volnutt too though *hasn't played legends series at all*

    ... there's no way they're going to make a Starforce/Ryuusei or EXE/Battle Network Rockman character is there? T^T

    but lol
    @ Prof. MegaMan
    I'm semi tempted to get that Zero Kotobukiya kit because I do like that Zero's design too...but...every time I see images....that head is sill not very convincing...

  16. As much as I want the Legends series to have it's own line of D-Arts figurines, I'm not going to be surprised if Sigma will be up next to close off the X line-up.

    In either case, I'm still going doing my part to support this line by getting my own Armoured X & Vile figurines.

    "Not a Charge Shot!"

  17. As much as I want the Legends series to have it's own line of D-Arts figurines, I'm not going to be surprised if Sigma will be up next to close off the X line-up.

    In either case, I'm still going doing my part to support this line by getting my own Armoured X & Vile figurines.

    "Not a Charge Shot!"

  18. @Protodude

    Might want to change the link to the TokuNation article to actually link to it. Though it might help a little since it doesn't seem to link through right now.

  19. It doesn't matter who comes 1st, both are awesome!

    Don't forget D-arts also has Medabots and other figures in the line besides Mega Man X. By the way, the Samus Aran figure was already released? And what's the difference between a normal and "web exclusive" D-arts figure?

    Ideas for next figures:

    Saber and cape are a must. Head with & without scars, and with cables below when his 1st form is beaten (and damaged from X4 flashback)
    Also, his head can fit in his other bodies, 2nd form coming alongside Velguarder and the 1st form from X2 coming in three parts (Body, legs and extra parts) with the X-Hunters! (Get the reference?) Thinking again, how they will fit it with the X-Hunters' extras such as Serges' hat and small machine? They better have X's 2nd armor parts, "Sigma Type 2" having the arm parts and virus form, and "Serges Machine" with an enemy pack like Batton Bones and others...
    And all the 8 bosses! (and each with their special weapon, both the ones used by them, normal X and charged by X.)

    Comes with buster, 2-3 special weapons (recomends Splash Mine, Grand Grenade, Grenade Arm and Active Buster. Note that the 1st three are basically the same...), Helmet, Dash Shoes and the 3 body armors.
    "Volnutt Type 2" and "Type 3" comes with different weapons (For Type 2: Aqua Blaster, Hyper Shell, buster, helmet and the 5 shoes).
    Later figures have at least 1 special weapon for him, if possible:
    -Roll with hair/hat head, MML2 coat and Crash Bomb (due to NxC).
    -Barrell with MML2 coat, Data and Reflector Arm.
    -Tron with TMoTB lab coat and MML2 reporter disguise. (sorry Volnutt)
    -Teisel with a book, pen, letter, IOU receipt, soaked hair, toilet paper (?) and Shield Arm (Type 1).
    -Bon with dizzy head, lifebuoy and Hornisse form. (can't fit a weapon here)
    -Drill Bon with 1 of the Mother Lode keys and Drill Arm (Type 2).
    -Servbot with red and blue head parts, different faces, curry and kitchen stuff he uses in MvC2. (no weapon again)
    -Glyde with rose, MoTB/MML2 appearance and ULTIMATE... Shining Laser (Type 2).
    -Loath with chair, Golden Refractor and Powered Buster.
    -Birdbot with TMoTB pack, MML2 bazooka.
    -Birdbot trio from MML2 with cardkey and 3 Refractors. (items this time)
    -Juno with Shining Laser (Type 1).
    -Sera with 1 Mother Lode key and Buster Cannon.
    -Yuna with 1 key to Mother Lode, the psychedelich stuff when repairing Volnutt, and a weapon.
    -Bola with the last (1st) Lode key and 4 Frongels. (no SW)
    -Sulphur-Bottom with Bluecher and reporters (including pirates)! (Wait, what?)
    -Each Bonne mecha comes with one of the missing 39 Servbots (and their proper equipment such as slingshots, bombs, bazookas, glasses, TMoTB items like Apple and Bottle, chief hat, wooden sword and "design magazine") and remaining weapons... (Blue Blumebear with Machine Buster, yellow with Machine Gun Arm, and red with... Bonne Key? Small mecha like the blue crabs from MML2 get the "big" SWs like Shield Arm Type 2 and Blade Arm Type 2)


    But before the last ones, Ride Armor and Gustaff!

    (Wishful (over)thinking too much?)

  20. June 15, 2012 7:15 PM Anon:
    The Samus Figure is a Figma, and it's going to be released later this month.

    The difference between a normal release and a web exclusive is that web exclusives are only sold through Bandai's online store, who doesn't ship outside of Japan, meaning that sites like AmiAmi or HobbySearch don't sell them. This means that the choices for buying them is much more limited, and the price is much higher :(

  21. I would honestly be surprised if Volnutt actually did get a D-Arts figure. Y'know, seeing as how Capcom is run by stubborn dicks and all.

  22. I love the Megaman Legends series (it's what got me into Megaman), but I would LOVE to see a Sigma figure to go with my Megaman X Figure. XD

  23. Oh...I was hoping for an Axl figure...

  24. I say keep it x series can make more bad guys plus u gotta make axl jazwares got one but d-arts axl be way better and cooler I hope y'all would conceiter to make cause he would go with the collection instead of any different Megaman series hope y'all read this. As a fan that be super and another x collection


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