Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have a Happy Rockman Day! 6/9/12

"At Rockman Day, play and make good cheer, for Rockman Day comes but once a year."

June 9th is here, and fans across the net are celebrating the annual tradition of "Rockman Day."  For the unfamiliar, Rockman Day is a holiday of sorts celebrated on June 9th as a way to commemorate the Blue Bomber.  It falls on June 9th because of the Japanese's tendency of creating words from sounds. "Roku” is 6 and “Ku” is 9.  Put them together and voila!  You have "Rokku."  Ever wonder why the number 69 occasionally shows up in so many games and merchandise? Well there you have it.

Rockman Day is more or less a meme that began within a circle of Japanese netizens a couple years ago.  The occasion quickly made its way overseas, followed by official recognition from Capcom last year.  There isn't any sort of specific plan or thing you're supposed to do on this grand day; rather, the day is what you, the fan, make of it.

That's all there is to it, really.  So kick back, relax and set some time aside today to have a little Mega Man flavored fun. Play some games, read some comics or manga, or maybe whip up some cool fan-art (Update: Like this). Own the day however you see fit. Just, uh, don't go too crazy on the E-Tanks, yeah?

Have a good one!


  1. I completely forgot about this.
    My plans for tomorrow have suddenly changed from a SWTOR marathon, to an X-X6 speedrun.
    Huzzah! :D

  2. Think I'll cram a little X1-X3 in on my phone.

    Especially in anticipation of D-Arts Zero Type 2.

  3. I think I'll treat myself to a nice marathon of NES and Gameboy games and perhaps stream them on my twitch channel too.

    Ps. Lol the captur security thing included 69 in picture for this post!

  4. Happy Rockman Day! XD

  5. As I will be on a plane to Alaska today, I will be celebrating with my 3DS and the Zero Collection.

    Happy Rockman Day!

  6. Rockman Day.

    Celebrate, for we did succumb to sinful temptation by partaking in crappy 3D games that emphasize graphics and story over game play, and thus he died for our sins.

    Though absolved we have not been for we have still yet to repent our mundane and monotonous ways and prostrate ourselves before the true faith that is old school 2-D gaming.

    Rock be with you all.

  7. 6-9?? might not be on September 6?? (iam familiar with the U.S. system, but I think the right would be the international)PD: sorry for the bad english

  8. epita: the order is year->month->day in japan.


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