Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retro Trinkets Headed Our Way This Fall

A plethora of retro-infused Mega Man goodies are heading Stateside this fall from GE Animation. AAA Distrubtion, a national distributor for all sorts of anime and game-related merchandise, has begun accepting preorders on a number of official misc. Mega Man goods from phone straps and pins, to patches and wallscrolls, all due out in late September.

From the looks of it, the phone straps are indeed localized (and far more inexpensive) versions of the Dot Strap charms that hit Japan a couple months back. Many characters are absent from the initial listing, but those could be forthcoming. The other items are predominantly exclusive to the U.S market, having not been released in Japan (i.e wall scroll and patch). You can check out the forthcoming goodies for yourself right here.

Most of AAA's items usual shoehorn themselves into a number of specialty retailers across the nation -- Hot Topic and the like. Very little doubt they'll remain exclusive to the online front, so there's a good chance you'll find these in-store around September.

Thanks for the tip, Alex!


  1. More expensive?

    Bleh, and most people could make their own 8-bit keychains for far cheaper... provided if they had the materials, equipment and time.

  2. @DR. Jerk: I believe the article said "localized and far more INEXPENSIVE", so who's fault is it for reading it wrong? Certainly not me. Besides, getting this for a couple of bucks sounds better than spending 3x as much for a finished product that requires skills, time, and effort, all of which most don't have.

  3. People can get this same exact sort of thing at random anime conventions at the Artist Alley sections for a fraction of the prices they sell to people, with the same varying quality.

    Small news days for Rockman/Megaman this past two years, huh...

  4. Only ones i really want are Rocks, Forte, and blues :/ so might just get em no matter price

  5. Pins, Patches, and Cell Phone Charms.

    U.S. =/= Japan! Quit that!

  6. Still waiting on an Iris plushie. ^-^

  7. @Rock-X: Okay fine, so I read it wrong. Whatever.

  8. Dr. Jerk: "Whatever"
    Me: "That's what I mean! That's the attitude that's pissing people off!"


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