Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Buster Project To Collect Rejected Mega Man Tribute Entries

Fans across the globe united under the initiative to have their art featured in Udon's upcoming Mega Man Tribute. Artists both young and old scurried to produce a piece that properly displayed their heart and passion for the series; the end result being some truly amazing work.  Unfortunately, not all submissions could make the cut. This was not necessarily due to the quality of the product, but more so to the fact that Tribute can hold only so many entries. Regardless, for those who've been turned down, you need not fret, a project is brewing to give your piece the audience it deserves.

A fan by the name of Soul-Rokkuman has kicked off an initiative to collect ALL rejected Mega Man Tribute entries into a digital fan-book. Dubbed the "Art Buster Fan Book Project", the effort aims to grant acknowledgment to artists and their respective entries that weren't published in Mega Man Tribute. Regardless of artistic ability or skill level, everyone who was passionate enough to attempt to get into Mega Man Tribute deserves to have their work featured and shared. This fact, alone, is the driving force behind Art Buster.

Artists interested in contributing their rejected entries can learn more about the project at Soul-Rokkuman's DeviantArt page here. Submission will be acceptable for at least another month. Afterwards, compilation will begin and the file will be distributed freely. We'll have more information the book's release date and other details in the near future.

I applaud Soul-Rokkuman and contributor Alyssa for their efforts in getting this project off the ground. It's definitely something I will stand by, and I hope you will too.


  1. Thank you so much for promoting Soul-Rokkuman's Art Buster Fan Book Project, Protodude! It means a lot to us, and also for those who are contributing their work to the fan book. :)

    I must apologize, I believe she meant that the deadline is for the end of June, since the very first post about it was from May 8. But I wrote to her not too long ago asking about possibly extending the deadline a couple more weeks, more or less. That way, more people can get their work in if they didn't know about it earlier. The deadline may depend on certain things, so we'll see if it can be clarified. :)

  2. This is cool! I didn't enter in that contest, or rather couldn't, but some of us still want to know what could have been in the actual Megaman Tribute.

    i have friends who want to know about this! Thank you for sharing!

  3. OK, so as of now, Soul-Rokkuman has EXTENDED the deadline to July 31 for unselected artists to submit their Mega Man Tribute art. :)

    So those of you just now learning of her project, start deciding which piece of art you want in it! All artists will be credited in the book!


  4. You know, I hope that whenever the next time UDON does a Tribute Book thing, even if it isn't MM, that someone also does a fan art book for that...

    The MM Fan Book is a great idea, but now I just can't help but feel bad for those who entered and lost for the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers books. I don't think anyone did something like this for those.

  5. Is this book going to be digital or hard copy?

    If it's going to be hard copy, that would be very interesting..

  6. @Omar: It will be digital (very likely a PDF file that can be downloaded). :)

    @Dr. Jerk

    Soul-Rokkuman started something wonderful for the unselected Mega Man Tribute fan artists. :)

    So if you know some fans/ fan artists of Darkstalkers or Street Fighter who can make a fan book along the lines of what Soul-Rokkuman is doing, please find them and ask if they are interested in making a digital fan book for unselected Darkstalkers and Street Fighter Tribute artists.

    Who knows... if asked, maybe someone just might be available to make one! :D

  7. What about if you wanted to enter but didn't have time to finish? >.>....

    Either way yeahhh this project is awesomee can't wait!

  8. @ Dark-Black-Wings

    Soul-Rokkuman DOES allow for Tribute artwork that wasn't finished in time for the February 4 deadline!

    So if you didn't have time to finish, please send it in! She'd be very happy to include you! :)


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