Friday, June 17, 2011

'Rockman Zero Live' Recorded Performance Now Available

Some time back, Ippo Yamada held a special Rockman Sound Event in Akihabara to commemorate the then-forthcoming Resonnant Vie soundtrack. It was an hour-long jam session, apparently streamed on May 15th as an encore to the December performance. For those that couldn't attend (i.e all of us), a recorded version of the show is now available online in its entirety.

Embedding is a bit wonky at the moment, so check out the show's official Stickam channel to watch. If you've got the time, I implore you to give it a watch -- top notch performances headlined by none other than Inti's own sound team and Hitoshi Ariga.

...wait, Ariga? Yup. The man behind Rockman Megamix took some time out of his busy schedule to perform with the group! With the nickname "Mr. Tambourine Man", it's not too difficult to spot him amidst the crowd.

Like what you hear? Rockman Zero: Resonnant Vie soundtrack is available now! Admittedly, it's a bit tricky to import at the moment, but a quick YouTube search can yield some surprising results...

Thanks for the tip, Robert.


  1. How many damn remixes and CDs are there gonna be of the Zero soundtrack? Honestly, they only do like 10-14 songs from the whole series, the same exact ones, and there's hardly any variation between them.

    Can we get some ZX, EXE, DASH or SSR remixes from these kinda people for once?

    And why the hell is my Word Verify "hentai"?

  2. I checked out some of it, but I'll have to comment again after I've seen the rest of it later! Which I DEFINITELY will do, as a fellow musician! X3

    But what I WILL say now: What a sweet-ass, excellent arrangement of "Break Out"! And I love that jazz touch by Mina Hatazoe in the same piece, at 8:06 minutes into the video! :D

    I was gonna watch them perform "Ice Brain" next, but I have to go. Dammit! :C

    Thank you thank you thank you Protodude for sharing this with us! I MUST finish watching it, as soon as I can!

  3. Well at least Ariga has a sense of rhythm :) I enjoyed it, especcially cannonball, seeing them go all-out and stuff :D

  4. Yes, this series gets an unusual amount of music releases.

  5. "Wait, Ariga?"

    Haha, that was exactly my reaction! I had no idea that the guy who made the MegaMix mangas also played an instrument, and could get into a jam session with IntiCreate's own sound team. This guy has to have had just about the most awesome life as a Rockman fan. I really hope to meet him someday. Go Ariga!

  6. "And why the hell is my Word Verify "hentai"?"
    Why not?

  7. Finally, some great Mega Man news!

  8. Man, piano and's as if Yoko Shimomura composed it! This is awesome!

  9. Water City was pretty damn cool in their live performance. I wish it was in Resonnate Vie soundtrack.

  10. I'm going to have to agree with Amir here - while I love the hell out of the Zero series, why is it the one getting all of the music love? I've not even seen that much out of X or Classic - let alone more niche games like ZX, Legends, and the whole network timeline.

    Hell, I LOVED some of the music in the network timeline games! Why can't we have some remastered soundtracks from them? Some of my favorite songs are from the DS version of 5 when you used the dual slot features - those battle theme remixes were great, and actually made some of the more meh-like themes really good.

    Why can't we have stuff like that?


    It all sounded pretty spectacular! I feel like I really have a whole new appreciation for the music from the Zero games now! The tracks "Ciel d'aube" and "Water City" were very notable (see what I did there?! XD), to me, anyway.

    And the beloved track "Ice Brain"... WOWEE!!!

    Heck, I LOVED the WHOLE HOUR! :D This is one of the few examples of why the internet can be a really great thing... like for seeing music performances that would otherwise be very difficult to attend by many. Something like this shouldn't be missed out on, because it's Rockman Zero music from a different perspective. :)


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