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Alternate Universe Rockman And The Art Of Subtlety

As we've seen in the past, Capcom's former Secret File magazine is home to some oddball self-homages like "Rockman Vs. Doctor Marvel." Secret File #18, however, takes the crown when it comes to the cheekier stuff. Case in point, a set of schematics for an alternate universe, retro-inspired Rockman.

The subtle, implied themes behind this take on our favorite blue robot are giggle inducing, and even a little disturbing. Read the translation at your own risk after the jump!

Great Schematic: This is Rockman! 

As you're enjoying those games of Rockman's antics going ballistic in cramped screens, here we'll introduce you to one more special report of the battlefield!

Real name: Iwao Motojiro (Iwao literally means "rock man")
Age: 10
Height: He just got big enough to ride the Jet Coaster
Weight: 105kg
Material: Right Urethane
Interests: Fusion
Special skill: Fusion
Favorite homepage: (leads to a SFW Roll fansite) *An excerpt from the Kapukon novel 'The Mystery of Iwao'.

 [[Rockman's Power Supply]]
  • 1: Insert
  • 2: Turn   
The Rock Power Coil. Can run for 69 seconds. 
He'll break if you wind it too much!


After all, a dog. 
Reliability level is 0.

 [[Rock Mask]]

The overseas version!! (a poke at the American Mega Man cartoon)

 [[Various Rock Busters]]
  • Rock Drill: Made of 69cm thick urethane alloy with an extreme speed of 69,000 RPM, it bores straight through!
  • Rock Hammer: Made up of 69,000 tons of a secret urethane alloy, it'll smash any enemy come what may!
  • Rock Gun (also satisfies the wife!?): For the time being, it can be used but still not fired from the hand.

[[Amazing Fusion!!]]

Believe it or not, he has the capability to fuse with Roll!! 
With Rock'n Roll power the strongest generation isn't just a dream!!

[[Rock Brother]]

Lives in Brazil.  
Can be combined and separated with a single screwdriver. 69,000 pesos Limited to one per person!

Pretty odd stuff, right?  Certainly one of the strangest official Rockman parodies out there. It's all in good fun, so what you see is clearly and most certainly NOT canon.

The whole "fusion" affair is probably the tidbit (and implication) that'll be raising eyebrows the most. It's downright odd, for sure, but it's actually rooted in a bit of history. Rock and Roll's, uh, "Fusion ability" is something of a recurring joke, apparent in a number of official Capcom materials. One of the more noteworthy and international examples appears in Mega Man: Official Complete Works (page 144), in which Rockman is taken aback but a very specific request from Roll. Beyond that, flip open any one of the early to mid nineties four-panel books, and you're bound to see at least one comic strip focused around a "more-than-siblings" joke.

It's interesting to note that the idea of Roll being a potential love interest to Rock has quickly evolved into a series staple outside of these parodies. Beginning with Rockman DASH and into Rockman.EXE, the prospect of a legitimate Rock and Roll pairing became entirely possible, and a lot less of a taboo as the characters became dissociated as siblings.... of course, that's not to say that the act of fusion is any less unsettling.

All in all, truly weird stuff we've got going on here. Capcom certainly has a dynamic sense of humor, and isn't afraid to tread in the waters of the raunchy.

Many thanks to our pal Heat Man at The Mega Man Network for the above translation!


  1. What is this i dont event...

  2. Oh my god. That's hilarious!

  3. Replies
    1. These hints have been everywhere, not just in this scans, for example in Megaman Powered Up with Roll and copy Roll conversation, in Rockman Jump for phone where Megaman has to rescue the princess Roll, in Rockman 6 ending where Roll´s love theme is played while we see Mega Man fighting and even in japanese manga like Rockman 8 or Rockman and Forte or in the book Mega Man Official Complete Works:

  4. Walked in here from Twitter expecting something about the Network Timeline, and instead got something that... Uh...

    ...I think I'm just going to walk away now. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

  5. Replies
    1. FYI in Japanese 6 and 9 is read as "rokku" as in "rock" for Rockman, allusion to his fans based his birthdate as June 9 (6/9).

  6. The heck? Fusion? Holy spit, what?!

  7. I am lol'ing right now, especially at the Rock 'weapons'.

    The "overseas version" was also hilarious too. You'd think they wouldn't even feature it...

  8. .........................

    Megaman and Roll are having a baby...?


    No comment.

  9. "69?" "Fusion?"


    The best part is that it's probably canon by the end of BN6... XDXDXD

    Finally, something that makes me smile involving Megaman that ISN'T remembering the past... Thanks Protodude, you're the man. :3

  10. Wrong website, Protodude. You transposed the 6 and 9. It's supposed to go to the Japanese fan art site, Rollchan's Room.

    The 69 is for the same "Rokku" as the recent 6/9 Rockman day. It just happens to mean something extra to perverts.

  11. What's this baby ? Roll supposed to be Rockman's sister! It's ridiculous and isn't related to Capcom's biograpy about Rockman at all!

    1. Actually they are just robot partners, one designed for lab assitance and the other for home jobs, the sister thing is just an interpretation because they live together, but they are not related

      besides, classic roll and megaman have always been paired in manga and games, megaman 8 manga and megaman and bass manga are prefect examples that go byond the platonic love, XD

      It doesnt really matter if they have same creator since they dont share blood or dna to make them incompatible, they also dont look that much alike to think they are siblings but if you want to pair robots only if they were made by different scientist,since that way you wont consider them siblings, perhaps you should try astroboy and uran, XD

  12. You transposed the 9 and the 6 in the url, so that's why you got 404'd. The correct url takes you to a Japanese Roll fanpage:

  13. Mega Man and Roll...having a child? The two of them are brother and sister, aren't they? So, wouldn't that be considered incest? *Shudders*

    1. Can robots be siblings??
      even if they share same creator logic dosnt work that way. Think of it, lets say for example they were humans created artificially, dr light takes different dna semen samplkes and uses different host girls for the artificial insemination; can you call them siblings just because they share the same creator(the one who retrieved the sample semen and did the insemination)???

      if they were intended to be brothers then at the very least dr light should have made them look more alike,for example, astroboy and his built robot sister, now even if these robots were made by different scientists could you beilieve they are not related just because of that?
      same thing for ventxaile, they say they are not related at all, but can you really say that it doesnt look a bit ackward to pair them when they look that much alike???

  14. I told you they weren't siblings!

    Then again, this is non-canon... :o

    1. But still si too strange that in games like megaman powered up Roll has a crush on Rockman

      or how about mobiles games like jump rockman where megaman has to rescue the princess and the princess is Roll??

      what about scans from megaman official complete works book like these ones?

      or official japanese manga pics like this one?

      Thats not eough?, how about Roll´s love song known as kazeyo in Japan?, why in games like Rockman 6 from Rockman Complete Works is the song dedicated to megaman at the end of the credits after beating the game??

    2. perhaps, but Roll´s song kazeyo its cannon and in the ending of Rockman 6 from compelte works its dedicated to Rock

  15. Nah, this is totally canon. the actual games aren't canon


  17. well in powered up, Copy Roll admitted that she likes her precious Rock/Mega....

    no comment for that... :D

  18. Is that baby Cyborg 001?

  19. And everybody comments on the fusion gag and not the other stuff like the poke at the ruby spears cartoon and those admittedly cool-looking ideas for a "drill buster".

  20. hahah, i cant help but to laugh just by reading people that think megaman and roll are siblings when they are robots created artificially just because they share same creator; that logic makes as much sense as saying that kids made by artificial insemination by same creator are siblings eventhough the scientist used different dna semen samples and different girl hosts for the insemination

    the only pairings that would be ackward, even if they were created by different scientist, wuld be like astroboy and that robot like sister that rsembles him a lot, or in megaman universe, ventxaile would also be ackward cause even if the story says they arent related they share to much resemblance to think that way

  21. WTF, Legends considered less taboo than classic, how does that work??
    Both legends and classic have similar background
    in both Roll and megaman were rised together by an old man, the difference is that in Legends Roll and megaman lived together with that old man as a family since they were babies and we are talking about humans here, in classic roll and megaman were robot kids from the start, so how come legends be considered less taboo????

    Because in classic they were created by same guy??
    then if God created Adam and Eve, doesnt that make them siblings???

    For the love of God

  22. O come on, this is bullshit, Megaman and Roll are as much related as any other Robot master whether made by Dr Light or Willy since all of them are based on Protoman(prototype) design and even Bass goes further as he is kind of a copy Megaman with some changes since his design is mostly based on Megaman design and data that Willy collected from Megaman´s battles

    Saying that the creator is what counts would be saying that copy Megaman or copy Roll made by Dr Willy would be not related to their respective original design; it would be like saying that Astroboy and Uran are unrelated because they were made by different scientists

  23. From what i have checked on the internet, it wasnt rare in past decades for parents to adopt a child or childs to continue the heir of the family marrying their daughter later on(be it adopted or true daughter) or adopted daughter; it was all a mechanism to preserve the name and the family business and such just that today is more frequent to adopt adults between 25 and 35

    Some of you might have heard o seen Ranma 1/2, in the cartoon Ranma was adopted by the Tendo family and beacme the fiance of Akane and family hoped they would like each other in the hopes to marry later on and while that happened he would live with the Tendo family in the same house until Ranma and Akane had the age to marry.

    So yea, for most wsterns thats incest between step-siblings, for them is a way to continue the name of the family
    here are some articles about child adoption in Japan and even adults and the true purpose:


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