Thursday, June 2, 2011

Design A Mascot For Legends 3's Bright Bats

The Devroom has launched a new event tonight which focuses solely on the Bright Bats, the rag tag gang of consisting of Barret, Aero and their companions Max, Pic, and Grill. As a member of the devroom, it's your job to design the group a mascot!

Each "family" in the Legends series is accompanied by a mascot: Data, the Casketts; the Servbots, the Bonnes; the Birdbots, the Loathes. The Bright Bats? That's up to you to decide. The Bright Bats need a character, a mascot, that is synonymous with their group. Before you get your pencils out, there are some rules you must adhere to:

"The character will be highly mysterious, and will first encounter the Bright Bats in the depths of an ancient ruin. It's up to you to decide what kind of personality this character has, and what it was doing in an ancient ruin to begin with!  We're looking for a mascot that will help the Bright Bats stand tall, side-by-side with the already-established other factions (the Bonnes and the Caskett Family)."

To design a character worthy of standing alongside the Bright Bats, Capcom has unveiled the profiles and personalities of each member at the Devroom. After reading over all rules and regulations, you can begin work on your design. Every one who submits will receive a prize: a 1,000 Unity Points! other, grander prizes will be on-hand for runner ups and winners.

You may submit more than one entry, but you can only receive one reward. Collaborative efforts are allowed, however, only one elected member of the group can receive the honorary premium Servbot number.

That about does it! Head on down to the Devroom for full event details and regulations. Best of luck, everyone!


  1. The "bright bats"?


    No, cheesy. I knew it started with the ch sound.

  2. It needs to be a Reaverbot version of Classic Bubble Bat.

    I mean, Bright BATS. Get it?


  3. Hmm, gee, I dunno, A BAT?

    Like the mecha bats in MM and MMX?

  4. And what about a "shiny talking baseball bat" (with legs and arms included)??

    Everytime you fail at attempting to be a smartass in front of your partners, he says "strike 1..strike 2....strike 3....OUT!!"

  5. I agree with Musashi. If their mascot doesn't turn out to be some variant of the Batton or Batton Bone or something, I will be genuinely surprised.

    Hm... I wonder if you could put Reggae's personality into a bat-bot...? Heh heh heh...

  6. Somehow I have to think about the Bat Mascot of the Deimon Devil Bats from Eyeshield 21. LOL.

    But probably a Bat would do it. Maybe a cute one!

  7. Is a mascot really necessary? =/

  8. @ kotipeltox: Oh god. This must happen.

    *waits for someone to make a cross between an actual bat, a baseball bat, and a light bulb* >_>

  9. @Alilatias: LOL


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