Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mega Man #6 And TPB Volume 1 Details

Mega Man issue #5 marked the beginning of a new story arc for Archie's comic series, one not limited to the boundaries of the games' stories. Issue #6 looks to continue this trend, picking up right after the humble beginnings of the "Time Keeps Slipping" arc:

"Time Keeps Slipping,” Part 2. Dr. Wily has vanished! Roll has been kidnapped! Dr. Light is in federal custody! What’s Mega Man to do? The blue bomber teams up with Cut Man and Ice Man to investigate the ruins of Wily’s castle and search for clues, but what dangers await within? And who are these two, new, powered-up Robot Masters?"

Issue #6 will entail 32 pages, retailing for $2.99. An official release date is forthcoming.

In related news, we have official confirmation of the first Archie Mega Man trade paperback volume that was leaked via Amazon a few months ago. As speculated, the single volume book will collect issues 1-4, representing the complete "Let The Games Begin" story arc. Furthermore, the book will also play host to a collection of variant covers, sketches, and "special features." Pre-order your copy at Amazon.

News Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Surprised CWU-01P isn't in the Mega Man 1 arc.

    The line about "two new powered-up" Robot Masters pretty much seals the deal that Oil Man is going to be involved in addition to Time Man. Interested to see how they go about that...

  2. While I'm glad that there's at least stuff like this coming out... am I the only one who finds it sad that over the last couple years most of the Rockman news hasn't been game related?

    It's comics, toys, interviews, betas, hacks, etc... But really nothing about upcoming games... the news on Legends is sporadic, and I've not heard anything of the other game in a long time.

    Hell, I think MvC has gotten more press, and it's not even a megaman game, just a game with a couple megaman characters in it...

  3. @Role:

    what can we say, Mega Man is dying.

  4. @Anon 10:36 PM:

    No it isn't because Capcom said it wasn't and they wouldn't lie to us.

    That was sarcasm.

  5. I've yet to even see Issue #1 anywhere in my city... ;_;

  6. @ Role

    Yeah its pretty sad, Rock is my favorite game character and Capcom used to be my favorite game designers, but these days their titles (besides a few good ones like dead rising and street fighter) are lacking.

  7. I put the original cover of MM #1 and the TPB version, and I noticed some stuff:

    1. Obviously Roll is different. Not that I don’t like MM1-7 Roll but MM8 seemed to suit her better.

    2. The coloring of the original seems smoother and darker as compared to the TPB cover.

    3. The original looks more professional (not that the TPB isn’t) because of better placing of the characters and coloring (refer to above).

    Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I just wanted an EXACT copy of the cover art of the 1st issue. It looks much more…. Yeah. It just works much better. Especially Roll with GREEN eyes.

    So will that TPB cover be final and irrevocable?

  8. I guess 4 issues is about all they can get out of the story arc of the original MM games? Gee..

    I got my issue 2 in the mail the other weeks... and the cover spine was all bent! Tragic. Will have to re-buy.

  9. (@Dhylec) No, the first story arc is just about the first game, not ALL of the classic games. Their planned formula is game adaptation, original arc, game adaptation, orignal arc, and so on.

  10. @ZeroX_Syaoran: I agree with you on pretty much everything except Roll’s eye color. I always liked Classic Roll (and Classic Mega Man) better with the original blue eyes, rather than green, to help differentiate her better from the other Rolls.

    Though, actually, I also don’t mind Roll’s original dress, and think it works better for this early on in the comic, but the way it looks on the cover of the TPB makes it VERY obvious that it’s an edit. Of course, if they really wanted to match Roll's dress with what's in the story, then why is Rush still there?

    Anywho… YES!! I’m so stoked that the Light bots become good (or at least, that’s the impression that I’m getting)! That’s always been something that’s been on the back of my mind when it comes to this new comic, and I’m glad to see it going in this direction! ^^


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