Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just In Time For Warm Weather, A Brand New Shirt

2011 has been an interesting year for Mega Man. While game releases have been few and far between (with only one currently pending), the year has been mostly predominantly owned by merchandise. To keep interest in the property alive, Capcom and partners are seemingly quelling our appetites for the Blue Bomber with comics, toys, and other miscellaneous goods. That's not a bad thing in the least. Getting the brand out there beyond the games is ideal to having a healthy and dynamic intellectual property.

The strategy of extending Mega Man's likeliness outside of the confines of games is looking to continue as once again, Capcom intends to capitalize on the popularity of video game apparel. Come late September, Mad Engine will roll out a brand new Mega Man-themed tee-shirt, pictured right. Breaking tradition, it seems Mad Engine is ditching 8-bit sprites and a witty slogan in favor of Mega Man and Proto Man artwork (complete with nostalgic Mega Man 2 box art styled font). A nice change of pace if you ask me.

The shirt is a little ways away off, due on September 28 (according to Midtown comics) for $16.99. A variety of online shops are currently offering pre-orders in a number of sizes. If you're not a fan of green, steer clear of this one; it's the only color being offered. That's not to say more colors will be offered, however.

It may not be that spiffy new game you've been looking for, but hey it's something.


  1. Not crazy about the green but I might still pick it up.

  2. Do want!
    BTW Protodude why did you delete the robot master field guide entry?

  3. I am a fan of green, but on that shirt...? Not so much.

  4. @TTchopper:

    Yep. That news wasn't suppose to have gone public just yet.

  5. Eeeh, really don't like that color. Also, nearly 20 bucks for a shirt? No... just... no. Maybe if it was ten, but 20 bucks for only one shirt? I'm gonna have to pass on this.

    Now, give me a megaman shirt in blue, since, you know, it's his signature color, and I'll think about it... but only if it's reasonably priced. I doubt anyone local is gonna carry it, so I'd have to have it shipped. 20 bucks plus shipping is just painful.

  6. Green is my favorite color.
    Rockman is my favorite game character.
    Blues is awesome.

    This shirt is a definite buy!


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