Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Metallic Mega Man X D-Arts Coming To Comic-Con

Attending Comic-Con this summer? Then you might want to hop on over to Bandai's both for a one-of-a-kind figure. Lo and behold, metallic D-Arts Mega Man X!

Straight from Bandai's own Adam Newman:

"Bandai Japan's premium collector's label, Tamashii Nations, is proud to announce a very exclusive Mega Man action figure release for San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 with the D-Arts MEGAMAN™ X Metallic Version. This high-precision action figure will feature shiny blue-metallic coloring, superior articulation, as well as X-Buster blast and rotating triple-shot effect parts. Figure set also includes two interchangeable face parts, as well as interchangeable hand and arm parts."

Not only is this a U.S exclusive release for Comic-Con, but a historical first for Bandai Japan's premium label Tamashii Nations. Usually it’s the other way around -- Bandai has Japanese Tamashii Web exclusives that fans overseas are not able to get. A gracious gesture on behalf of Bandai, to say the least.

The San Diego Comic-Con kicks off July 21st. These are going to go fast, so make haste and get to Bandai's booth ASAP!

Thanks for the heads up, Adam.


  1. I'm not into figure collecting, at all, but I have to admit this one looks AMAZING. (Except for the X Buster shot, which looks like Jell-O, but anyway.)

  2. Somebody hand me a towel... because I just drooled a PUDDLE looking at this!!!


  3. Love the blue Metallic so freaking awesome

  4. Well how the HECK am I supposed to get this?!

    If anybody sells it after the fact, it'll be for some insane price.

  5. I saw this coming.... Lame.

  6. It's shiny but ehh...maybe I'm buying a lot of stuff already. Maybe I'll get it and re-sell it.

  7. *whimper* >< Damnit, no where near California...

    Oh well.. so I get two D-Arts and paint one with metalic Blue. >>;

    I wish I knew someone who's going to ComicCon so I could give them the cash to buy this for me. T_T

  8. ShadowNeko003:

    I'm going to (hopefully) look at the original D-Arts X this weekend. Maybe it looks better metallic, maybe not. If you do decide to resell it, hit me up. E-mail's on the ol' name link above.

  9. I'm not really into the whole shiny look for this figure.

    Reminds me of the old Marvel VS CAPCOM figures where the Megaman one was all shiny, but as time went by, the paint became less and less shiny (even with good care), until it basically became gray-ish white.

    Before anyone goes "BUT DIZ IS HIGH QUALITT JAPANESE AWRESUM STUFF!", it's the exact same kind of paint-quality, I can tell just by looking at it.

  10. This isn't the first time that a Tamashii exclusve was released in America. A few years back, they released a metallic version of the Soul of Chogokin Getter 1 back in Comic-Con 08, when they were promoting the whole Tamashii-Toynami partnership (too bad that never went anywhere).

    Whatever the case, this thing looks pretty damn sweet. Reminds me of the plated version of the Mega Armor model kit that Bandai released a while ago.


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