Monday, June 27, 2011

Mega Man TPB Volume 2 Dated

As anticipated, Archie Comics intends to follow up the first Mega Man trade paperback, "Let The Games", with a second volume. According to a recent Amazon listing, Mega Man 2: Time Keeps Slipping is due out in March 2012.  The book's subtitle presents a dead giveaway to the contents of the book: a chronicle of all four issues in the Time Keeps Slipping Story arc; the very first arc in Archie's continuity to break away from the game's stories.

Time Keeps Slipping will encompass 112-pages, retailing for $11.99. If the first trade paper back is any indication, we can infer Vol. 1 will contain a handful of additional content like sketches and and variant covers. Of course, more content is probably forthcoming, what with the book having not been officially announced by Archie just yet.

Trade paperbacks are an excellent platform to get caught up with story arcs quickly, particularly if you don't have a subscription or if you're just slacking off on your single-issue purchases. It would be great if Archie made a trend of releasing TBPs with every arc, especially for the benefit of those who may fall behind.

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  1. Interesting how they edited his expression for the TPB cover.

  2. Wasn't he smiling in the original?

    Aw, by the direction this is going, having the TPB means edited, below quality covers than the originals. *sigh*

  3. The Books are also a good way for people who don't live in The United States to read the Comics, without missing anything!

    I can't wait to order the books on Amazon. Though it's still alot time till then. OTL


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