Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mega Man 5 Hits North American Virtual Console

As of an hour or so ago, Mega Man 5 is now available for download on the North American Virtual Console. The game, retailing at 500 Wii Points, leads the pack of Nintendo's first batch of newly scheduled Thursday updates (as opposed to Mondays).

Ah, but what of Dr. Wily's Revenge? I'm sad to report it's a no-show this week. Despite releasing on the Japanese eShop last week and receiving an official ESRB rating, the Game Boy classic didn't hit the U.S eShop today. Take heart that it is coming, though we can't be certain when.

Now with MM5 out of the way, we've only one classic series title left to complete the Virtual Console NES lineup -- Mega Man 6. Heck, won't be long before we start seeing the likes of Mega Man 7 and maybe even Rockman & Forte hit the Virtual Console. What of RockBoard? Eh, it's possible... but unlike most of the JPN Virtual Console imports, it's pretty heavy on Japanese text. Doubtful Capcom (or Nintendo) will spare the effort to translate it.

Well, you never know. We'll keep an eye out.


  1. So, Virtual Console updates have been moved to Thursdays now? In any case, I'm glad to see that Mega Man 5 has made its way to the Shop Channel. I won't be downloading it myself, of course, since I already have Mega Man: Anniversary Collection (and a Mega Man 5 ROM).

  2. Ah, my favorite game in the Classic series. Awesome. Glad to see they got this far with the VC releases. Now I’m just waiting for Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge on the eShop…

  3. I find it so very funny how you're probably right, Protodude. How Capcom wont spare the time to possibly translate the text, which really isn't that much. I mean, there is a fan patch for the game that has been around for a while and a huge, major video game company can't do it in like, a day or two? It's pretty sad. But I still have hopes of "MegaBoard" making a debut with possible multiplayer. But that's a few steps above just translating text. There's no chance, lol.

  4. I wouldn't hold any breath for Rockman & Forte to show up on the VC in US.

    According to the "purists", anything after 6 in the Classic series and before 9 is "crap" so yeah. XD

  5. I think it is possible for Rockman & Forte to show up on the VC in US but Japanese text will be remain unchanged I believe. Why ? Look at Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Japanese text remain unchanged as well. I believed it is possibly.

  6. Hopefully once 6 and 7 are up, we'll get X2 and X3, too.

  7. The existance of Sin and Punishment and Super MArio Bros 2(JP) on the VC with next to no changed text supports them coming. In addition, need I remind you that Megaman and Bass received a GBA port? Capcom knows it'll take like a day to do that. Then again the 3DS VC will have SNES, so Capcom may not pass up the opportunity to make a quick buck...

  8. I think people need to remember that MM&B sold like shit in NA back when the GBA version came out. XD

  9. Yay, MM5 is probably my 3rd favorite MM game. I couldn't really tell you why, I just really like it. Nice stuff : )

    And you guys.. there's more to releasing a game than translating the text, even if you do somehow think that would take "a day".

  10. @Amir

    I loved 6.

    7 is much more creative in terms of gameworld.

    8 was the first Classic MM game I played.

    8.5 could've been better.

    Just throwing my two cents.

  11. @Musashi:

    I want to know where anywhere in my post did I make it sound like I, specifically, disliked 7 and up. XD

    Personally, I think 7 and &Forte kick the panties off of the NES ones and "retro-cool" shit that was 9 and 10.

    Thing is, in this fanbase, if your opinion differs from the majority, people flip their shit.

  12. While I'm glad this game is on VC, I went back and played it and I was reminded of why this is probably my least favorite NES MegaMan:

    1. This game encourages the use of the fully charged MegaBuster, but you lose it every time you take a hit.

    2. The Boss Master levels are a bit too long, and the mini-bosses, while cool, take little damage to kill.

    3. The Robot Master weapons stink! I went the whole game and didn't use any of them. And where the hell did they come up with the Super Arrow?

    4. 1-UPs everywhere! it's not uncommon for two consecutive enemies to drop extra lives. This game just throws them at you.

    5. DarkMan - Even back in the day I thought this guy and all his forms were unappealing.

    6. Boss patterns - I can't believe how many of these guys can be brought down with a simple variation on the shoot-slide under the jump-then reshoot strategy.

    7. collecting "M E G A M A N V" - Especially in the CrystalMan and WaveMan stages when you can easily miss them and since they appear towards the end of both stages, it takes a while to get back and try again. And all for the sake of one more useless weapon: Beat.

    8. Wily bosses - damn these fights are easy. Wily is always supposed to be moderately hard, or at least requires strict adherence to a pattern.

    This whole game is way too easy and the controls aren't as polished as the other MM games. And most of it is pretty boring. But this game does have the Kuribo's Shoe of the MegaMan franchise: The anti-gravity obstacles in GravityMan's stage.

    They don't return in the Wily stages or any other MM game. Damn shame, because that was definitely one of the most fun aspects of this game.

  13. @Prof Megaman:

    And now begins a new Fan Dumb movement where even MM5 is being added to the "IT SUCKS CUASE ITS NOT DA MEGGERMANZ GAEM I FINK IS TRUU MEGGERMAXCZ GAEM" retard logic. -_-

    Wonder how long it'll take for these kinda fans to finally put MM2 in that list. :D

  14. @amir

    So you are in the opposite retard logic : Your are the kind of fan that buy anything with the megaman name on it and you will like it even if it's a crappy game and you don't care who developped it. (exemple : the crappy megaman x RPG developped by the breath of fire team). IMO the best rockman 2-D games was developped by inafune and its team and by anti-creates. This is the kind of rockman games that I like. So now you know what I think about the amateur Korean Rockman online PC game lol No, I'm really, really NOT interested

    I agree with the professor, Megaman 5 was the most boring nes Megaman game : easy boss fight, useless weapons, there's no ending (yea a little cut-scene maybe), when you got a weapon there's no special cut-scenes like megaman 4 and 6, in general the music doesn't rock like the other games

    But don't get me wrong, Megaman 5 is a good game compared to the last 3 X games. IMO it's just not the best one.

  15. I'm kinda annoyed by this, because Europe still hasn't got Mega Man X on the Virtual Console. :(

  16. @Anon:

    Wait, X Command Mission sucked? That's why it was one of the higher-rated Megaman games to come out during it's time frame, and was praised for it's numerous features? And the only con the game had was it's high-encounter rate, load times, and somewhat repetitive landscapes?

    Dude, you're sounding like the type of kid who grew up and got into Megaman from the Battle Network series, but then outta nowhere now goes "IT SUCKS!" and calls everything except MM2, MM9-10, X1-3, and Zero 1-4, as a terrible game, even though not even four years ago, you were gushing over them.

    On another note, my Word Verify said "makoto". Now the SFIII theme of her is stuck in my head. Thanks.

  17. If you noticed Megaman 7's ending is different from Rockman 7 as much as Roll are not in America version of Megaman 7. Disappointment. SHRUG!

  18. @Professor Megaman:

    This man. He knows.

    Well, kind off. Try playing Rockman 5 WDS and think of how MM5 would've turned out if it was made that way (Charge Shot does 2 AT instead of 3, lots of buffed enemies).


    I was just stating that I liked those games, unlike the fanboys D:. I never implied that you hated them :(

    Also, the fanhaet is currently towards 6/7/8. Funny, isn't it?. I'm gonna bet the next game to be bashed is gonna be either 3, back to 6/7/8, or 8.5.

    Still, we all know 2GB is the worst MM game ever made. You KNOW it is.

  19. I've actually played through the Game Boy version of Mega Man II, and I didn't see anything wrong with it. In fact, I'd take it over the console version any day of the week.

  20. I can't really call MM2 GB bad either, since it was my very first MM game. The music, besides Final Stage and Air Man, yes, was kinda shit. But the game was still solid enough to enjoy.

    I also loved the funny little shapes some of the passwords would be at times, as a kid. XD

    IMO, worst MM game would be either Rockman EXE - N1 Battle (the WS version was utter garbage compared to the questionably okay GBA game), or Megaman Soccer.

    I never tried the Chinese tactics game, and I'm not counting RM Online because it's just an MMO.

  21. 2GB is bad, just because it fails in two key factors:

    1.- Music sequencing was terribly executed.

    2.- Sprite quality is subpar.

    You can easily argue point 2 because of the Game Boy's limitations, but god damn, 5GB was also for the Game Boy. 5 fucking GB.

    Point 1 is just inexcusable. Unforgivable. A MM game with BAD music sequencing and subpar composing?! Blasphemy!

    5 also has one really unforgivable flaw, but since few people haven't noticed it, it really doesn't matter :P.

  22. @Professor Megaman: Beat is NOT useless. You use her to beat Wily at the end of the game without any difficulty, and, if lucky, she starts detecting where Wily will show up with a glitch. Hardly useless.

    And, to add some zing.. my CATCHPA word: SWISHO!

  23. @Musasi:

    I'm curious. What is 5's unforgivable flaw?


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