Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rumor: Mega Man 25th Anniversary Project

There's a gnarly of a rumor currently floating around on the web, and since it's a rather slow news day, I figured I'd go ahead and share it here. Prepare your salt.

According to the PaulGaleNetwork, a Capcom representative confirmed the publisher is hard at work developing a new Mega Man game, in addition to Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe. The game, said to be revealed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), will celebrate the franchise's impending 25th anniversary (December 17, 2012). Concurrently, the rep also said the show will play host to the unveiling of a new Street Fighter and a "big splash" from Devil May Cry, likely the return of DmC.

While it's entirely possible Capcom has something up their sleeves for Mega's big 25th, I highly doubt we're going to see (or hear) from it at this year's E3. Capcom's got there hands full with Universe and Legends 3 as is, so anything else at new at point seems almost trivial.

We'll watch where this one goes, but I wouldn't get you're hopes set too high. Pre-E3 always ushers in waves upon waves of rumors; some true, others not.

Sources: Event Hubs, Cosmic Book News, N4G


  1. I wouldn't expect anything more than an announcement via press release and maybe a tentative title for the project.

    The future of Universe and Legends 3 hangs in doubt as it is. Let's hope Capcom proves me wrong in my assumption that they are purposely sabotaging the Megaman franchise.

  2. Fighting game, cross over thing, please!

  3. Megaman X9: Can Zero Defeat the Mavericks In Time To Go To Sleep Before the Zero Series!?

  4. Legends 3 is enough to keep me satisfied, as long as they don't cancel it. I'm just hoping to see some gameplay footage...

  5. Well let's reflect here.

    On the 10th anniversary Legends was released. In the year of the 15th anniversary we got the Zero series. Star Force claims it is the series celebration of 20th anniversary... Despite being launched in the year of the 19th anniversary.

    If I would be able to discern a pattern here: it'd say we should get ready for a new series. But in light of Legends 3, Universe, and Online; I would broadcast my doubt we'd be seeing Mega Man Next/∀/AF series.

  6. Given the fact that Capcom appears to have hidden MM Universe away for some apparent re-consideration, I think there's a possiblity that they might present a completely redesigned MM Universe. Which might be a good thing. Maybe a real MM crossover this time.

    OR.. we're all forgetting one game - MM Online. That's already in development and on the way. Maybe they'll reveal a US release.

  7. I wouldn't get your hopes up for X9. I don't think they'd celebrate the 25th anniversary of Classic with a new entry into the X series, unless X9 happens to be developed alongside whatever this new project is.

    My money's either on MM11 or some kind of Classic crossover thing (either in a literal sense or in a spiritual sense like Network Transmission was).

  8. 25th anniversary? What are we copying Nintendo now?

    Although since discs have significantly since last generation, it would be epic if we got all the megaman games on a couple of discs with soundtrack and historical info.

  9. Star Force 4. Place your bets everyone. :3

  10. I agree with Alilatias. If they're celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Classic series, then Mega Man 11 is most likely the best choice.

    Thanks to Mega Man Universe, my faith in the Classic series is really beginning to waver. Like I said before, I'm on the verge of just giving up on it entirely. Hopefully, it won't have to come to that. I'm counting on Mega Man 11 to be the series' saving grace.

  11. It's the 10th anniversary of the EXE serie this year...maybe a new EXE after Beast with new heroes?

    I want so a new exe4,5 for wii and online =(

  12. No, they're copying Apple.
    Apple invented Anniversaries.

  13. My bet will be Star Force 4. Cause I know Star Force 3 is not the last in the Star Force series.

    Still, wonder what new things will be in Star Force 4 like new powers, Battle Cards, new forms and Ultimate Forms and which versions.

    Either that or MegaMan 11. But since Star Force MegaMan is the new face of the franchise, Star Force 4 is highly likely.

  14. I'll be happy if just about anything Mega Man-related shows up at this year's E3. I was slightly disappointed about that last year, but games like Donkey Kong Country Returns managed to take my mind off of it. It's too bad that game wasn't what it was hyped up to be...

  15. @ HeromanX: Place bets? Okay.

    Most likely to least likely, IMO:

    - Mega Man 11

    - A Classic spin-off game that isn't Universe

    - New Network Timeline series on the 3DS (because god knows the Robotics Timeline is filled with too many holes to warrant a new series in that timeline at the moment)

    - Network Transmission, Star Force style

    - An new entry into a non-Classic series, such as X9 and ZX3.

    For the record, I refuse to consider the possibility that this could be Star Force 4, because:

    - It'd likely have to be on the 3DS.

    - Considering that EXE never jumped over to the DS (Double Team and OSS don't count because they're ports), why would the less successful Star Force series jump handheld platforms for another actual main entry?

    - And three years (as of next year) after the previous entry, to boot? It's one thing to reboot Classic. It's another thing to reboot everything else, sadly.

    - If a Star Force 4 was meant to exist, they would have already made that instead of OSS.

  16. @Alilatias

    That;s your opioion on the Star Force series. Some people want Star Force 4 cause I think they feel that 3 is not enough. The so called Climax of SF3 did not mean it is th end of the Star Force series.

    Some people like me like Star Force, some people like you hate Star Force for god knows for what reason. Again, it's people's opioons on MegaMan games and other franchise.

    Sure, Geo is finally reunited with his dad (Spoilers), but that does not mean Star Force series has ended. OSS does not count as a BN and SF game cause it's a Spin off and does not tie in with the Star Force series. So maybe we will finally get a Star Force 4.

    I read on Wikipedia that Star Force 2 (Both versions) was ranked the eigth and ninth best selling games in Japan in the end of 2007. and Star Force 3 was ranked 7th in Japan at 2008. So maybe there is hope for the Star Force series and we will finally get a Star Force 4.

  17. I really wish things would get a little more finished with Legends 3 and Universe before they announce more titles.
    If they do announce anything I bet it's a new network series. Battle Network was primarily GBA, StarForce was DS, they need something for the 3DS now right?

  18. I'm placing hope for an SSR4 as well, with the 3DS technology and stuff.

    Imagine seeing the enemies and stuff flying right at you in 3D behind-view. :3

  19. HeroManX:

    It ranked 7th in its debut week on market. That's horrible.

    SF3 didn't even break 200,000 in its lifetime. That's even worse.

    Star Force is dead.

  20. @ HeroManX: I don't hate Star Force. Stop assuming the worst out of everyone that disagrees with you.

    I am just saying, it's not likely. I've already provided my reasons as to why it's not likely. If anything, you just strengthened my argument by bringing up the climax thing, even though I never brought it up because I wanted to focus on the 3DS platform/timing aspect instead of the plot aspect.

    Why did I opt to not bring up the plot in my earlier post? Look at the X series. Look at the ZX series. Then look at Legends. And finally Star Force.

    Out of those four series, which one's latest entry has been more conclusive as opposed to a cliffhanger? Star Force.

    Which one had a cliffhanger that was structured in a way that a new main entry was more or less mandatory? Legends. But Legends finally got a new main entry after an 11 year fight. And god knows what's happening with X and ZX right now.

    Point being, history has already shown us that the need for a new game based on what happened in the plot doesn't mean jack squat to Capcom.

    Still, at the end of the day, this is still more likely to be MM11, as much as I'd rather have a new Network Timeline series instead.

  21. @Alilatias

    There is still hope for Star Force 4.

    Star Force 4 needs more demand and just maybe, Star Force 4 will finally come true.

  22. Continuation of Patch's story.
    After all, Even though Lan's old, Rockmans still kicking ass with patch.

  23. The Oblivious PrattlerMarch 26, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    @HeroMan X: Aren't they releasing a complete works book for Star Force? (Or have they done it already?) I liked it, too, but I don't see a fourth game happening. The series just didn't have enough support. I will be shocked if that's the big announcement, and I doubt the majority of the fandom will be as excited as Capcom will.

    My guess: it'll be a new series. What could they possibly do with MegaMan at this point? I don't know. I'd love to find out.

  24. No Star Force 4 please.. It is getting bored. X9 and Megaman 11 ?? :)

  25. Star force 3 and ZXA have been mis-sold, so, it's over for these series :)

    I hope a MM with a blue bomber and Wily, mm11 (HD), mmX9 or mmEXE After.

  26. Crossover fighting game please?

  27. I personally wouldn't mind a Mega Man Axl series.

    But I guess it would just further screw up with the timeline. Heck, it irritates me too.

  28. I'm still hoping for a star Force 4, no matter how many people hate it.

  29. @ About the continuing of older series, and argument about Star Force:

    I'm either hoping it'll be a new BN game (shut up and let me dream, dammit), new Classic (:P), or a possible crossover for every Mega Man series (oh how I'd love to kick Sigma's ass with Bass.EXE), OR it'll end up being a new MM series, so long as it's not an idea they've already used. (Like maybe present-day human version of Rock and something else my mind won't formulate at this point...)

    But with that out of the way, this IS only a rumor, so I really don't see why something's being started over what it COULD be, when it might not really be anything at all.

  30. I just want to see it's a next megaman X game : (


    ...Oh wait, we got that one. XD Anyone's guess is as good as mine. A third ZX would be nice. Or a new series. Whatever happens happens.

  32. They should release MEGA MAN:THE WILY WARS on the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. They should make 2 new Mega Man cartoons based on the classic Mega Man series and Mega Man X series.

  33. @BassDS

    Cool. If they do announce a Star Force 4 which I hope, will it have a new plot involving Link Power? I mean, Capcom still hasn't told us what Link Power is and where it orginate from.

  34. A New Street Fighter huh,Most likely SSF4 3D edition or Street Fighter vs Tekken.

  35. You know something they haven't made yet? A Megaman fighting game! Sure those amusing Power Battle games loosely adapted the genre, but I'm thinking something more closer to the Marvel vs. Capcom games would be cool.

    50+ characters. All Megaman incarnations face off: Classic, X, Volnutt, .Exe, Zero, that Starforce thing and Powered Up chibi Mega.

    Protoman, Bass, Dr. Wily, Roll, Duo, Sigma, Vile, and robot masters galore! Done the right way, it'd be enough to make a Megaman fan cream in his pants!

  36. *Sigh*

    In the end, there will always be people happy with the result and people who are disappointed that they got their hopes up too high. It's exactly what I'm going to be predicting by the time E3 rolls around. And then there will be more people complaining and whining, as always.

    That said, I'm not going to really be hoping for anything in particular.

  37. "You know something they haven't made yet? A Megaman fighting game! Sure those amusing Power Battle games loosely adapted the genre, but I'm thinking something more closer to the Marvel vs. Capcom games would be cool.

    50+ characters. All Megaman incarnations face off: Classic, X, Volnutt, .Exe, Zero, that Starforce thing and Powered Up chibi Mega.

    Protoman, Bass, Dr. Wily, Roll, Duo, Sigma, Vile, and robot masters galore! Done the right way, it'd be enough to make a Megaman fan cream in his pants!"

    I agree 100%. I would buy it even if it had NES controls.

  38. But we'll only have a few days to play it before the world ends. :P

    ...Sorry, couldn't resist.

  39. I'm surprised how many people think MM11 is the most likely candidate to celebrate Mega Man's 25th anniversary. I mean, we all remember how many years it took to go from MM8 to MM9, right? Who knows what game this could be.

  40. Or maybe, a ZX3 maybe ZX3 will be the last in the ZX series.

  41. @HeatmanX

    Haha no. ZX is dead, good riddance.

  42. I bet on a new Battle Network game for the 3DS, yes we have the hyped Legends 3 which i'm so excited for and it's one of the reasons why I plan to get a 3DS (Ocarina of time 3DS is another reason)Think about it Starforce sold terribly I like it but the sales for it sucked, while Battle Network is one of the most popular megaman series and had great success, plus it's the
    10th birthday of EXE it would make sense to have a new EXE game, of course I could be wrong, if there isn't a new EXE then i'm betting on X9.

  43. X9 seems possible, but it would MOST likely be in some sort of 3D style. Duh, it's a 3D system. No point using transitional 2D sprite style. It's either the earliest kind or the best. Look at the Online game. It can look nice and be a great game.

  44. It could be nothing at all! They could be announcing the permanent termination of the franchise.

    Based on their recent attitude towards MegaMan, I wouldn't put it past them. With the exception of merchandise and comics/manga, Capcom seems to be suppressing the word "MegaMan" left and right these days.

  45. @Professor MegaMan

    I seriously doubt that.

    In my honest opioin, Capcom's not that cruel and evil.


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