Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mega Man Versus The Yellow Devil, The Face Painting

It's amazing how anything can become anyone's canvas -- for example, the human face. YouTube user Hkisame shows off this feat with a pretty darn awesome (and somewhat freaky) recreation of Mega Man's battle with the one-eyed menace, the Yellow Devil.

If there's one things Mega Man fans excel in, it's our devotion to celebrate the franchise with art. Creativity truly knows no bounds. Excellent work, Hkisame!

You can check out more equally awesome facial artwork at Hkisame's YouTube channel.


  1. Freaky and awesome

  2. ...Creepy eye...

    ...Wow! It's Megaman vs. Yellow Devil...!

  3. The one and only thing I can think of to say here is... blimey!

  4. One word: Impressive!

  5. Whoa!

    I've NEVER seen anything like THIS done before!
    What amazing talent. :D

  6. Hey guys! That's KISA !

    Thank you very much to put my video on the blog.



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