Monday, March 7, 2011

Rockman 8 Beta Version 2 Released

Hot on the heels of the public release of an early Rockman 8 beta build, comes the much demanded second beta. Downloadable below, v2 is a slightly later build (near final), whose big selling point is the absence of subtle graphical touches.

Rockman 8 Beta v2 download:

v2 is made up of six stages: intro, Grenade Man, Clown Man, Tengu Man, Frost Man and an incomplete Sword Man. All stages lack little graphical details, mostly within the background (and sometimes foreground). This is clearly evident in the screencaps above, such as the missing circuitry and blinking lights in Grenade Man's stage, and the overall blandness of Tengu Man's flying fortress.  Meanwhile, Sword Man's stage, or what's left of it, is presented in broad daylight as opposed to the orange, sunset motif of the final.

Frost Man's stage has been finalized at this point. Interestingly, part two of his stage actually features some additional highways and roads leading into the background, most of which are clearly hand drawn. For one reason or another, these were ditched in the final.

v2 contains no music, save for the Capcom jingle that plays upon boot-up. The music files are there within the .iso, but nothing plays during gameplay. This could be an error on my end, however, so you'll have to try it out and see for yourself.

Sound effects are a lot closer to the final but when it comes to animation, Rockman still runs like a chicken with its head cut off.

Feel free to give it a download from the above link. I haven't invested too much time in exploring some of the behind-the-scenes stuff so I look forward to anything you might find. As always, let us know via comments!

Thanks again Junkershvn and Henger83 for the release!


  1. I've run the game in a few different settings and don't seem to get music either. So, I wonder if anyone else besides the two of us have this same issue? It's possible that the music is there, but this beta was rushed to possibly just show off gameplay/level design, so music wasn't 'activated' in the main game?

    Anyway, it's neat. I find it interesting that what should go to the Lab goes to Sword Man's stage, but so does where his icon should be on the second map.

    I'll be interested to learn if there's any hidden data here too.

  2. For some reason, sometimes isos don't play the musics even if they are in the files due to a error. There are explanations on how to fix it around the web, although it could also be a error from the beta.

  3. I'll be sure to check this out.
    In the lull between the two Betas I've been working on X8. So I'll have to find time between that and DMC3.

  4. Action Replay codes for Rockman 8 Beta v2:
    "Infinite Energy
    801859CE 2800
    "Have Rock Balls
    801DC66A 0001
    "Don't Have Rock Ball
    801DC66C 0000
    "Infinite Rock Balls
    801DC66E 2800
    "Don't Have Shining Bomb
    801DC670 0000
    "Have Shining Bomb
    801DC670 0001
    "Infinite Shining Bombs
    801DC672 2800
    "Have Thunder Claw
    801DC674 0001
    "Don't Have Thunder Claw
    801DC674 0000
    "Infinite Thunder Claws
    801DC676 2800
    "Have Ice Wave
    801DC678 0001
    "Don't Have Ice Wave
    801DC678 0000
    "Infinite Ice Waves
    801DC67A 2800
    "Have Tornado Hold
    801DC67C 0001
    "Don't Have Tornado Hold
    801DC67C 0000
    "Infinite Tornado Holds
    801DC67E 2800
    "Have Flame Sabre
    801DC680 0001
    "Don't Have Flame Sabre
    801DC680 0000
    "Infinite Flame Sabres
    801DC682 2800
    "Have Water Balloon
    801DC684 0001
    "Don't Have Water Balloon
    801DC684 0000
    "Infinite Water Balloons
    801DC686 2800
    "Have Homing Sniper
    801DC688 0001
    "Don't Have Homing Sniper
    801DC688 0000
    "Infinite Homing Snipers
    801DC68A 2800
    "Have Astro Crash
    801DC68C 0001
    "Don't Have Astro Crash
    801DC68C 0000
    "Infinite Astro Crashes
    801DC68E 2800
    "Infinite Lives
    801E99A4 0009
    "Stage Modifier- Opening Stage
    80197110 0000
    "Stage Modifier- Ice Stage Stage (Frost Man)
    80197110 0001
    "Stage Modifier- Amusement Park Stage (Clown Man)
    80197110 0002
    "Stage Modifier- Sky Stage (Tengu Man)
    80197110 0003
    "Stage Modifier- Base Stage (Grenade Man)
    80197110 0004
    "Stage Modifier- Ruins Stage (Sword Man)
    80197110 0005
    "Stage Modifier- ? Stage (No ground to land here, blah.)
    80197110 0006
    "Stage Modifier- ? Stage (Palette errors when this is loaded & may crash the game)
    80197110 0007
    "Stage Modifier- ? Stage (There are some graphics on the bottom right. Can't land though.)
    80197110 0008

    Any value on the stage modifier code from 9 to B does the same as 6. A value of C or higher crashes the game as their is no data to load.

  5. I forgot to mention I have a video I'll upload for this later today.

    And yeah the music seems to be an issue. I'll look into it later....

  6. Can't get Beta 2 to boot on my modded ps1 nor my ps2, anyone had success?

  7. ""Have Rock Balls"


    Also, I don't think it was necessary to list separate codes for each value, but good job.

    Have Rock Buster
    801DC666 0001

    Inf Rock Buster
    801DC669 0032

  8. Ooh, holding L2+R2+Circle gives you totally free movement, and L2+R2+Triangle gives you access to the sprite table. Select button exits these modes. This doesn't work on the 1st beta though.

  9. @Rockman

    No need to be jealous of my Rock Ballz mah boi. When you become a real hardcore Rockman fan, you'll get equipped with the true Rock Balls that you're striving for :p

    Oh, the whole separate code thing is for people that wouldn't know otherwise.

    It also sucks how Frost Man's Ice Stage music is repeated multiple times. I was hoping for some beta tracks of Tengu, Clown, Grenade, & Sword Man. Ah well...

  10. @DeGamer

    I noticed you ripped the PSFs for Rockman Beta v1. I'd like to thank you for that.

    I also assume you already looked through v2's because of your comment. I just tried my hand at extracting PSFs for the first time and also noticed the multiple Frost Man BGMs. Such a shame. I'm assuming there isn't any new BGM present in this version.

    Side note: I couldn't get Opening Stage Beta BGM to extract. It was missing a .vb file so I borrowed one from the other rips. It didn't play properly but I could recognize the tune. Also they probably did disable the music for some odd reason, even though it was present in v1.

  11. More Mega Megaman love yeah Im getting exited to this its like break from Megaman Legends that have been so popular and having notice lately 2 thumbs up to this :O....

  12. I hope the coders find the hidden swamp stage it looks good.....

  13. @Shin Star

    No problem. I've been wanting the music myself for a while now too. :)

    Actually, I ripped the PSFs for v2 anyway (that's why I mentioned the multiple Frost Man stage music. That track is used as a placeholder for other stages which is why it repeats itself 4 times, which really sucks). The PSF rips I made for v2 work just fine, including the opening stage, so if you can't get it to work, let me know and I'll upload them for you.

  14. @DeGamer

    Well if the music is pretty much the same as v1, then there's really no need to upload it. Thanks for the offer though!

  15. Nice
    I would like to see the Beta of Rockman X.
    Remember the life bar with a "P" and the opening stage with daylight and the Sting Chameleon Midboss on the middle of the highway?
    That is something worth knowing and playing


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