Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Early Mega Man Legends 3 Development Screenshots Surface (Update)

Over at the Japanese Devroom, Mega Man Legends 3 Director Masakazu Eguchi has shared several photos of a work-in-progress build of Mega Man Legends 3. These pictures hail from a demo version the staff whipped up to show off to the Capcom head honchos last week:

Because the Legends character models weren't quite finished, classic series characters acted as placeholders for the demo:

A little rough around the edges, but things will certainly shape up as development continues.

The images, viewable in full at Andriasang, are split up among three development periods; some come from a June 2010 build, others from an August/September 2010 build, and the remaining are from the most current build.

UPDATE: North American Devroom has published this story in English.

Now this is the stuff I think we've been waiting for. Hopefully, Eguchi will be sharing similar goodies in the coming days!

For more images, check out Andriasang's full report here


  1. I know I know I should not be complaining when we finaly getmml3 but still..This game deserved mouch better treatment then "lets shut these guys up and make it on the handheld so we wont loose that much money" not that i am saying this is the case for the game but rather the case of capcoms thinkking, infaune has even stated this money problem. Imnot even saying that the handheld consols are bad but the trackrecord for these type of games have horrible controls on the ds/3ds wich we have proof of, metroid prime hunters for example, and that did not change with the 3ds. Lots of people have stated the samefor the games comming to the 3ds likekid icarus wich they say its controls may be its downfall.I hope im wrong. the mml-series just deservs much btter treatment.

  2. I'm willing to take all of these models and textures as an early development dogear. But all I know is that those canopies better straiten out.

  3. For the record, first anon, Hunters was an FPS. Two completely different genres.

    Everything will be fine.

  4. 1st Anon:

    Companies goals are to make money.
    A game that has received a lot of hyper for a couple (in this case ten) years will be sold out across the nation. Weither its good or bad, people will find out AFTER their money has been spent. People bitch at capcom for maybe a week or two, But then its back to how it always is. In short, Capcom gets our money in return for a good game, or a badly done game, and we wont stop.

  5. Classic MM in 3D looks pretty awesome...

  6. Excitement BUILDING!

  7. So what game are those models from? I also noticed Bass in the ruins.

  8. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-uGrpQhfV_XY/TW2pYvbsVKI/AAAAAAAAGUo/YoKS95cqNoA/s1600/2132441786_view.jpg

    Since when did Capcom have a Forte Model?

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWirJQu7ALY&hd=1

  10. Is that a Bass.EXE model?

  11. It looks so...so...Legendsy! =D

  12. @turianx9, none. Those are the same models that were used when Capcom first presented the MT framework.
    I still have some old pictures somewhere of the presentation of the MT framework tools, with in the background monitors with the Megaman model clearly visible.

    The Bass.Exe model is most likely from Megaman Network Transmission on Gamecube.

  13. Wow and I thought I couldn't get any more psyched for this game.
    These look flipping awesome......

  14. @ First anon:

    You forget the first 2 legends games only had the basic PS controller, so my guess is the controls will be about the same or better. My only concern is that the DS doesn't have L2 or R2 buttons, but 3DS does have an analog stick so we should be fine.

  15. Wow, I'm sure it's just comparing it to the original Legends games, but those graphics look good, I think. Definitely not up to high-def standards, but it's really cool to see Legends with ANY updated graphics. I wonder if they're including some kind of multiplayer where you can play as Classic MM or Bass among others....

  16. I'm gonna say right now that if you are worried about "bad" controls you should stop, right now. Especially since you can't get much worse than the original Megaman Legends games as far as 3D control. Don't get me wrong, I love those games, but they were a product of early 3D game design. I still find it great that as Megaman Legends was the first 3D Megaman game, it can again be the first 3D megaman game, haha.

  17. As someone else pointed out, the Bass.EXE could be the one used in Network Transmission and like the classic megaman model is likely a placeholder until such time. Looks cool, though.

  18. Y'know, I wouldn't mind them fixing up Classic Mega Man and Bass (though I think that Bass is from Battle Network, not Classic) and using them as unlockable skins. =D

  19. I hope those Megaman and Bass EXE models stay as unlockables!

  20. @JinzoNingenX"
    You forget the first 2 legends games only had the basic PS controller"

    Legends 2 used the Dual Analog/Shock.


    Dual Analog

    Right stick was used for Camera/Look

    Left stick was analog movement.

  21. As long as I still get that feeling of virtual sensation, I'll be happy! That jump was always SO awesome.

  22. @Snap

    Can I see those MT Framework pictures you are talking about? I am very curious.

  23. @anon7

    There were at least 2 more, one with a closeup of the screen but I can't seem to find them, at least they're not in the folder where I thought I had them.

  24. Heh, the English version was so far behind. Like the people following the Dev Room aren't already getting the news early through the Japanese one.

  25. @Megamem
    If you look online you'll find several fan made Classic Megaman in 3D. For example:


  26. Thanks Snap! Very nice find; I woulda gone crazy thinking it was from some canceled game.

    Pretty cool they used him to show off the engine : )


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