Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Findings From Prototype Battle Network 5 DS

Scrummaging through the ROM image of the first Ryuusei no Rockman game, MegaRock made a most unusual discovery; a series of lost 3D elements from a presumed prototype build of Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS. The first batch of findings, a collection of crude, unfinished 3D models such as Lan and Mega Man.EXE, and full sized ACDC Town can be seen in video form here.

As a follow up, MegaRock recently managed to unearth near complete models for Lan, Mega Man (pictured) and an assortment of other items of interest that are vastly superior to those featured in the video, giving us a much better look at this scrapped project. Check out the newest findings at MegaRock's Photobucket.

Kind of makes you wonder why such a project was ultimately scrapped. Care to fill us in Mr. Christian Svensson?

"Twas before my time at Capcom so I don't know the answer.

There is something you are presuming: that it was ever actually in production just because of the existence of a few assets. This could have been just exploratory R&D/preproduction with no budget associated or greenlight happening (it wouldn't shock me if that were the case). And for whatever reason (maybe from what was learned during pre-pro) that it wasn't put into full production."

Regardless of its origins, very very cool findings. Who knows what wonders lay dormant within the many other Rockman games...


  1. Hey Protodude! I don't know if this helps any but I remember one of the Major Game sites, like IGN, posted a news story about Capcom given BN 6 the same treatment as BN5, the whole upgrade to ds thing.

  2. After doing some googling I found a article close to the one I was talking about earlier..

  3. Ahh yes, I remember this one. Turned out to be nothing, just speculation on GameSpy's behalf.

  4. These are the same models, but with some modified display parameters. I managed to get these models to look like this.

    I really really wish this had been a game. Would have been a nice addition to the EXE series. Every time I see these pics I get sad. :(

  5. nsbmd doesn't seem to read these models right. I was trying to find an older version that might work, but I had no luck. I wish we knew a DS programming genius who could properly/manually decrypt and read the 3D models for this concept. That would be fantastic.

  6. Was the last comment supposed to have an image?

    omg, I can't believe another one of my things gets featured here. If I could have ever done a 3D modifier in SF1, I bet these would show up, but I don't know.

  7. Great work Mega Rock.exe! :D Keep at it, we'd all love you forever if you uncovered it all completely. ^_^;;


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