Saturday, March 28, 2009

IGN Pulverizes Mega Man 2 For iPhone

There are times when nostalgic value simply cannot outweigh utilitarianism. Such is the case with the Mega Man 2 iPhone port. IGN reviewed the recently release port and, man, they certainly did not hold back. A few segments from the review:

"Mega Man 2 for iPhone is obviously and unapologetically a complete cash-in, and so far removed from its original gameplay that it's not only virtually unplayable, but a completely different experience altogether. This feels less like a Capcom-published offering, and more like a thrown together hack made by a first-time hobby dev team. Skip it. "

"There’s no other way to say it: Skip this game. I’m a huge Mega Man fan (one look at my IGN blog should tell the story) and would love nothing more than to see the series do well on any and every platform possible, but this is unquestionably a cash-in move, and could go down in history as the worst Mega Man offering ever. Jumping is completely broken, enemy spawners are random and inconsistent, the sound offering is chopped up and incomplete, and the game is virtually unplayable in its current control setup."
Over all score: 1.0/10 (Abysmal)

As I see it, this port is a great example as to why the iPhone simply cannot replace old fashioned button based portables; these types of games just can't be done without buttons.

Read the full review here.


  1. Let me guess, no running leaps or running whilst shooting?

    Time to file this one under "Porting Disaster".

  2. It's not playable on any cell phone. I bought MM2 for my RAZR and MM3 for my Blackberry when I had them, and they were awful, even with buttons. But now I have an iPhone and already had the mindset of staying away.

  3. Those games are hard to play, and probably even harder on a handheld device like that. That's a really mean review...

  4. Wow, that's funny. I've just been playing the MM games via ZodTTD's various iPhone emulators and they run fairly well (making them quite playable for most of the consoles emulated). Too bad the "official" iPhone port sucks out loud.


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