Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Much Is Wily's Castle Worth?

Real Estate experts from Coldwell Banker and RE/MAX Allegiance have gone on to price range a number of fictional video game castles including but not limited to Wily's. How pricey is it?

"BB: This well-guarded property looks neat and is one of the most modern high-tech castles around. It’s perfect for a mad scientist, especially since you can maneuver around via teleporters. However, this castle is unfurnished and not for everyone, considering there are no bathrooms, no bedrooms, no kitchens, and every room can kill you.
Estimated Value: 800,000 gold coins

DM: This castle possesses a clinical feel fit for the unabashed mad scientist. Rooms feel very one dimensional and absolutely no sunlight to warm the cold d├ęcor, however it does keep the neighbors away. Those wishing to exile themselves to work in fringe science should pursue.
Estimated Value: 450,000 gold coins"

You think that's a expensive? Wait till you see the others.

News Credit: Maxim, Thomas

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