Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coro Coro Update

COCOROG reports that the April issue of Coro Coro Comics contains no announcement of any sort regarding the mystery Rockman title; just tips and tricks to defeating various bosses in Shooting Star Rockman 3 and comparing the abilities of Giga Cards between both versions.

Looks like we have to do just a bit more waiting as the next issue, coming in April, will supposedly announce the boss contest winner.

The suspense is killing me.


  1. XD Next issue! Next issue! Next issue!

  2. waiting waiitiiing ... oh, WAIT, did i mention waiting ? Man, they surely takes their time to announce that game ... D': DO WANT INFOS ! now, please ?

  3. Argh, Coro Coro, tell us already what's the contest for! I'm pulling my hair out!

  4. They've been teasing us for, like three months already...:(

  5. I believe it won't be very soon. In other words, do not expect any Rockman announcement in the next issue. I would say... june/july. When was the last boss design competition?

  6. T_T

    *staggers about*

    One... More... Month...

    ...Unless they decide to just announce the winner(s) but not say anything about exactly what game(s) the winner(s) are for until the next issue(s) after that.

    In which I'm going to die a little inside.

  7. Fabiano: The last few boss design competitions were for the EXE and Ryuusei games, if I remember correctly. It's pretty much a yearly competition.

    Even so, the only one that I truly remember is the one for EXE 6 about three to four years ago. (I was not following EXE close enough until sometime before 5 was going to be released, and I didn't care for Ryuusei that much.)

    As far as I remember, the (three) contest winners for EXE 6 were announced about a month or two after EXE 6 was announced itself (or at least their roles in the plot itself, not too sure about this).

    I can only assume that the same pattern was repeated in the other EXE competitions and some of the Ryuusei ones, although you're going to have to wait for a more thorough answer from a Ryuusei fan and someone who was observing EXE in Japan for far longer than I.

    This contest looks to be a very, very special case, so I doubt history is going to help us here.


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