Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That's One Expensive Gashapon

I'm a sucker for Rockman goods, I collect just about anything branded with the Blue Bomber's good name. However, there are times where even I have to draw the line, times when collectibles are too much and too ridiculous. Such is this case with this nugget over at Yahoo! Auctions: a Rockman 7 Gashapon.

Not only does it bare a resemblance to the Van Pookin, the midboss of Shade Man's stage in RM7, but it's also the only one (of this color) in existence. As such, the seller has priced the item at a jaw dropping 29,800 Yen...that's $317.00 USD.

You'd have to be one obsessive collector to lay down money on a piece of rubber. But, if you got the money and the spirit, by all means don't let me stop you.


  1. Hope whoever's insane/a collecter enough to buy it doesn't ever use it.

  2. Wow, one of a kind? Who veriifed that?

  3. *BUZZ* Wrong. It's not an eraser, it's a rubber gashapon figure from the Rockman 7 set of figures. And it's not the only one in existence because I have the exact same one, except in orange.

  4. Zack's got no reason to lie, so this seller is scamming. One of a kind my behind....Besides, why would they only make 1 gashapon figure of something so unimportant within the Rockman series, anyway?

  5. Zack needs to read the post again. It is the only one of that Colour apparently not the only one period.


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