Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mega Man Dons Final Issue of 'Anime Insider'

According to an informant over at Topless Robot, Anime Insider, a monthly magazine devoted to all things Japan, will cease publication after an eight year circulation. Former editor of the magazine, Robert Bricken notes the entire editorial staff has been laid off. Harsh.

Donning the cover of the presumed final issue is none other than Mega Man of Star Force fame, acting as a figurehead for the issue's coverage on upcoming video games-- Star Force 3 included.

The issue is available on newsstands now. Order online here.

So long AI.

News Credit: Anime News Network


  1. crap, I'd have to drive to the next city over to get it. Any idea when it will hit the shelves?

  2. I saw that today at the library. There was pretty much nothing on him in there except a paragraph about SSR3.

    'Course, I didn't look too hard. >_>

  3. I had that exact same idea on that art. I wanted to use that picture in two cases and it turns out they used it first! Ha.

  4. I have that issue, but I didn't know AI will cease publication...First EGM, now this. This is a bad year to be a magazine, I can already tell.

    I was considering putting off scanning the relevant bits until this issue had been taken off the stands. Now what?

  5. A small snippet of a scan couldn't hurt :)

  6. Here ya go.

  7. HOLD UP. EGM was canceled?? O_o But they didn't say anything about it in the last issue did they?

  8. you have to thanks capcom to make some effort to promote the crapy star force series because magazine don't give a **** about that series


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