Monday, March 23, 2009

Roll, Is That You?

Fun little story for you guys:

Outside of my daily PRC musings, I am currently in the process of becoming a teacher, undergoing many rigorous hours of off campus training to observe classroom/student behavior. One such classroom was watching Little Bear, an educational cartoon that use to air on Nickelodeon back during the "golden age" of the network (Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life).

While idly jotting down my observational notes, I heard a very familiar voice emitting from the television. Looking up, I caught sight of the character known simply as "Duck." Her voice struck a cord within my mind, tickling my inner Mega Man fanboy. "Where have I heard that voice before?"

A quick visit to IMDb indicated that "Duck" was voiced by none other than Tracy Ryan , known to you all as Roll Caskett of Mega Man Legends fame. Needless to say, I was amused at this little encounter.

For the fun of it, I managed to find that particular episode of Little Bear on YouTube. "Duck" (aka Roll Caskett) enters the scene approx. 00:20 in. A bit odd hearing Roll "quack" over and over, isn't it?

Care to see Tracey in a live action role? Check out this scene from Dark Angel in which Tracy plays the role of "Mia" (0:14)

I don't know about you, but I would love for Tracy to reprise Roll if the opportunity ever came about again...


  1. You know, subconsciously, I always knew about Ms. Ryan doing the voice of Duck in Little Bear ever since I was in elementary school. But I never did a one-on-one comparison on Duck and Roll Caskett until now.

    That's so far-out.

  2. Little Bear...Oh the memories...I love Little Bear...

  3. Woah, that's a blast from the past. I never noticed that as a kid, wow, good find Protodude! Of course, while watching this video I kept imaging Duck with Roll's hat... >_>

  4. No, I dont want Tracy.. I want a new actress who deserve to have a new experience.. No celebrities, period.

  5. I had a very similar moment to this once! There was a promo tape for Ocarina of Time that came out in Japan right before the game did, and it was narrated by Navi.
    When she introduced herself ("My name is Navi and I'll be..."), I said, "Doesn't she mean NET Navi? Wait..."
    My inner Mega Man fangirl made me look up her voice, and sure enough, Navi is also the voice of Meiru from the EXE anime! So I HAD heard her say "Net Navi" before, haha!

  6. Yes, it is weird to hear Roll quack. xD

  7. Oooouuuh!! It's been a while since I played Megaman Legends!! I love that voice!! Hope to get her for the possible Megaman Legends 3...

  8. I love trivia like this. The woman who voiced Axl in Mega Man X7, for instance, voiced the woman in the confession booth in Silent Hill 3. That really creeped me out, considering the huge leap in quality.


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