Friday, March 6, 2009

Auction: Autographed RnR Sheet

Get out those check books Ryuusei fans. Yahoo!'s got an autographed Ryuusei no Rockman sheet by manga artist Itagaki Masaya on the auction block. The current bid is a 1000 Yen, roughly ten dollars. What a deal!

Masya wrote and illustrated the former Coro Coro RnR manga, known for its exageratted art style and almost over the top sense of humor.

With zero bids, the item is practically yours (ends tomorrow).


  1. Make sure it isn't a copy. Every time I've seen an autographed something it will be a photocopy of the original.

  2. Never trust like that. It could be photocopy. No thanks!

  3. It likely is. I mean why would someone get it autographed otherwise? (Only selling it once would be a waste, is probably the mentality.)


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