Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Capcom Very Happy With Mega Man 9 Sales Numbers

Destructoid sat down with Capcom's Seth Killian to discuss a number of issues, the most noteworthy being Mega Man 9's performance:

D: While on the topic of Mega Man 9 secrets, Capcom has been pretty secretive about how well the game sold. Is there anything you can tell us about how successful the game was, like which console the game sold best on, and if it meet Capcom’s sales expectations?

SK: We don’t discuss specific numbers, but we were definitely happy with the sales of Mega Man 9. I can tell you it was our best-selling title ever on Wiiware (also our only title there so far.)


  1. I still need 400 Wii Points to get it xD.

  2. I haven't got it yet. :(

  3. MEGA MAN 9 has done impressively well, and since it was a fairly low-budget game, I'm sure they've made a decent amount of money with it. As they've said in the past, it's success will determine whether or not we see a MM10, and possibly a MMX9 in the style of X1-3, and I think they will most likely keep their promise *crosses fingers*

  4. I wonder if any other companies will jump on the bandwagon of using NES (or SNES) style to make low-budget money-makers? Of course, only the ones with cult-followings and veteran fans would work, (e.g. Megaman....)


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