Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Second Rockman EXE and Medarot S Crossover Event Announced

Rockman EXE fans continue to eat well with the unveiling of a second crossover event with mobile game Medarot S. As the successor to last year's event, fans of both series will be treated to even more EXE-based Medarot characters and a couple surprises.

In addition to last year's crew, Medarots inspired by Blues.EXE, Colonel.EXE, GutsMan.EXE and Serenade will be featured. They'll assume new Medarot names like last time as well: SwordBlues, LeaderColonel, GutsPower, adnd Uranade.

New to the second crossover will be the addition of EXE-inspired costumes for the human Medarot cast. Ikki (Netto Hikari), Arika (Meiru), Koji (Enzan), Karin (Yaito), Kikuhime (Tamako), Iwanoi (Yamitaro) and Kagamiyama (Dekao). These costumes can be obtained by exchanging different items throughout the duration of the event.

Special skins based on different Souls and Cross Fusions will be available for Medarots as well. 

The event begins in a couple days - October 13th!


  1. Oh! Oh! I didn't realize this was an actual thing! I saw fan art of a Roll.EXE Medabot somewhere and I just assumed someone had a good idea. Apparently, someone did have a good idea. And it's an official crossover!

    Super neat stuff! Not sure how it fared in Japan, but I don't think Medabots got the recognition it deserved in the US! Hee hee.

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