Sunday, October 9, 2022

Festive Leviathan, Yukata Pallette Join Mega Man X DiVE Fireworks and Lantern Fest

Coming to the global version of Mega Man X DiVE next week, the NA and EU servers Fireworks and Lantern Festival event will see the addition of a new character and a new skin.

Festival Leviathan's gacha capsule will go live on Wednesday with a single free 10-pull and Yukata Pallette skin will be available to purchase from the store for 1200 EM (non-paid). Festive Leviathan DNA Code will be available at a later date.

What's more? The next round of Guild Raid will drop on both servers. It's Final Sigma W this time.

When it comes to the LATAM server, they continue with the second week of the 2nd Monster Hunter Rise event which brings a new gacha capsule with Crimson Valstrax Zero. There will be a single free 10-pull too!


  1. You know, I genuinely believe NebulaJoy is more...economically friendly than the Taiwan version, but 1200EM for a skin (especially on a B Rank character) is still a lot.

    Oh, and Protodude, if you're wondering why you get next to zero comments, the site absolutely refuses to allow a login unless I change browser settings to allow all tracking. This is across multiple browsers and devices (Microsoft Edge, and Brave on both desktop and mobile). You might want to find a system that's a little more intuitive.

    1. There was some kinda change a few months ago, I think with blogger/google. Maybe thats related?

      For a while, I could log in to Blogger, come here and it wouldnt take. Had to play a refresh game in a specific order to get through. Hasnt done that for about a few months, though. I think. Its all a blur.

    2. I had a similar problem for months even when I had to subscribe through Google, unable to post replies against the negative feedback, especially for character reveals in Rockman X Dive (which, by the way, a lot of commenters owe you an apology for). Then one day, POOF, here I am.

    3. Looking into it. There's some third party code I can inject to help. I'll test it out soon.

    4. Yeah I was having a bit of a problem, too. Not that I comment often on articles to begin with. I had to use a different browser for a bit.


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