Monday, October 29, 2018

Nendoroid Mega Man X & Rabbit Ride Armor Price and Release Date Announced!

We finally have a release date and price for the much anticipated Nendoroid Mega Man X & Rabbit Ride Armor. Both figures are due on June, 2019 – the Nendoroid Mega Man X will be on sale for 4,444 Yen  and the Rabbit Ride Armor for 6,944 Yen. Purchases of Nendoroid Mega Man X from the Goodsmile online shop will include a super neat, bonus hand part from "The Day of Sigma"!

Hit the jump to read the official descriptions and see more images.

Nendoroid Mega Man X

"The hero with unlimited potential.

From the popular video game "Mega Man X" comes a Nendoroid of the Maverick hunter Mega Man X! He comes with two face plates including his confident smiling expression as well as an intense combat expression!

As for optional parts, he comes with his X-Buster and various effect parts including a Semi-Charged Shot and Hyper X-Blaster effects. He features articulation at his legs, allowing you to pose him in his dashing and jumping poses! Have fun recreating your favorite scenes from the game!"

Nendoroid More: Rabbit Ride Armor

" The Rabbit Ride Armor from "Mega Man X2"!

From the popular video game series "Mega Man X" comes a Nendoroid More version of the Rabbit Ride Armor from "Mega Man X2"! Nendoroid Mega Man X (sold separately) can be posed riding in the cockpit, and using the included special hand parts, can be displayed gripping the control stick! Large-scale drill parts are included on both arms of the Ride Armor and can be rotated to a total of 21 positions, allowing you to recreate all kinds of punching and dashing actions!"

Check out additional images in the following links:

Pre-orders are up right now via amiami. Follow these links!:


  1. The hand from day of sigma? How obscure.

    1. "SIGMAAAAA!"

      I can just hear Mark Gatha screaming out those words as X dashes toward his nemesis.

  2. I'm liking all the ride armour releases lately, makes up for that near impossible to find ride armour model from the 90s that costs over $400 on ebay

  3. "Ride Armor"


  4. So.... 'X Knuckle' is now canon? :P

  5. Great painting, too bad i dont like the chibi style.
    To Sentinel ´s 4 inch nel line : You need to step up your game, so to stay in competition. Zero, Vile, Protoman, more Robot Masters, etc

    1. i kinda wanna see figma release mega man figures. more sentinel would be welcome.

  6. my wallet is screaming with pain as my heart screams I WANT THESE!!!!!!!!


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