Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rockman Battle & Fighters Translation Project Underway

Eighteen years after its release, you can finally play most of Rockman Battle & Fighters in English. Marc_Max has released an work-in-progress translation patch on ROMhacking.net. It translates ALL in-game dialogue, character interactions, and some menu prompts into English. The only things not translated are Main Menu graphics and the Database. Other than that everything is very much in a legible, playable state.

For the uninitiated, Rockman Battle & Fighters is a bite-sized compilation of Rockman: The Power Battles and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket. And if you've played either of those games, you know what's going on here: all bosses, all the time. It's a very simple, pick-up-and-play boss rush with some excellent sprite work to boot. It's worth checking out.

Grab the translation patch here!


  1. What I find most interesting about the game is how the sprites are largely based on the 8 Bit versions but have the extra flair of the redone MM7 style sprites.

    Like Mega Man is his classic recognizable 8 Bit self, but has the “looking back and forth” idle animation of his MM7 sprite. I know it’s silly, I just find that approach rather interesting is all.

    1. Actually, because of that I find Mega Man's sprite to be somewhat out of place compared to the rest of the cast. Not bad, just really noticeable in comparison

  2. Still waiting on someone to translate the PSP ports of the Megaman Legends games. Mega Man translation teams will run out of other games to translate eventually.

    On a serious note, I always enjoy it when a Japanese-only game gets translated to English, even if the game's not something I'd play.

  3. Very sad that title screen was never replacement to English.

  4. Title Screen is not fully translated, thought.


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