Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Rockman 11 Production Note Preview Pages

The Rockman 11 Production Note is a 64-page booklet that's currently going for hundreds of dollars on the auction block. Included as part of the now-sold-out Rockman 11 Complete Edition package (also previously sold individually via e-Capcom), the book features a wealth of concept art, unused ideas, tribute art, developer commentary, and other fun little extras.

So to keep your appetite whet until you have your very own copy (or, you know, scans), here's a whole bunch of preview pages for you to ogle at. Check 'em out after the break!

Courtesy of Skycompass:

More images at this thread here. Thanks, Sky!


  1. Wow, now that Rush Adapter on the far left of there is more like it! Unlike those other freaky lookin' ones. =P

    Really cool stuff here. Maybe one day I'll obtain a booklet of my own.

  2. what's more interesting that there are other adapters for rock. even forte adapter! cross fusion anyone? and what was dr light underneath that sniper joe's picture?

  3. I say, it sure must be fun for the artists to "dress up" Mega Man in all these neat ideas.

  4. Hopefully, the only reason the Bass/Treble armor was scrapped, is because they're eventually planning on adding the real thing as DLC.

    1. Thinking the same thing about that Tango armor

  5. thoses illustration are pretty neat.

  6. Now THIS is interesting!

    I responded to someone who commented on an article earlier about the idea of Mega Man having costumes like Mario Odyssey, and these all look like great candidates.

    Would love to see more stuff like this added to 11 or future installments.

  7. Ooh, neat! Hope the Tango and Beat adaptors come back as DLC.

    Looks like one of the other armour concepts is based on an unused X1 design, too.


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