Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mega Man 11 Developers Talk About Unused Combination Forms

Courtesy of my buddy Hayden, here's another translated page from the Rockman 11 Production Note. This one deals with the many unused transformations based on support characters.

Here's the developer's commentary in English:

"In previous titles, Mega Man has combined with Rush. So I suggested a few fresh-looking combinations with the support characters in the game. Eventually the background designer joined in and three of us were working on these designs.
This was still during the earliest point in development when there wasn’t yet a decided look for the game, so there is a range of designs that capture the look of older games and some that are drastically different. There wasn’t an ounce in me that thought the design with Rush’s face slapped on Mega Man’s chest would be chosen."

Could you imagine a game where Mega Man could combine with Beat, Tango, and even Treble? The idea was certainly explored in Mega Man 11's development but, alas, it was merely a spring-board for the final game's Robot Master-based forms. Maybe next time?

Also, look at the bottom row, second on the right. See anything familiar? That form is clearly inspired by a very early, "Super Mega Man" concept. Neat!

Thanks again to Hayden for the translation and Rock Miyabi for the scan!


  1. That "super Mega Man" concept looks so cool! I want to know who those bad guys are, even if Capcom never got that far. And Mega Man with his shirt collar up looks really neat.

  2. Bottom left looks like it's straight outta Bomberman, like Altair - kinda like it! Tango definitely deserves some love, and that's coming from a dog person!

    1. I think you mean he looks like Nitros from Bomberman Hero rather than Altair from Bomberman 64.

      Always cool to see more Bomberman fans aware of older characters tho.

  3. These forms certainly would have been interesting to say, hope we get them as some kind of dlc, or in a future game. :3

  4. I would love to see MegaMan combine with Rush, Beat and Tango. Maybe even Auto for fixing areas that have been broken and need repaired to get through? Or even have Eddie which could supply you with unlimited energy and weapon energy for a short while. These could be a fun addition if done correctly and add to the game play as the Double Gear System has.

  5. Everything at the top left looks cool.

  6. The Rush combo ideas in the upper right are rather cute.

  7. I like how two of the forms are just Casshern and Gatchaman.

  8. Nice. Reminders of Battle Network souls/fusion/styles, which would be refreshing to me as a something borrowed from BN. Like, you clearly have Bass Cross MegaMan right there.

    Also, check MegaMan's slight dog face ( :3 ) on the right-most "Rush’s face slapped on Mega Man’s chest" design, haha.

  9. Cool! In the bottom line (the fifth one from left to right) I can see an "updated" version of the Inafune's Rockman from the old "Super Rockman" proyect (remember, that new Rockman design made by him that looked like Zero and was changed afterwards into the X and Zero we all know and love).

  10. That Rush's face is kind of creepy and dead looking with the tongue out and the blank eyes

  11. Dude! This would have been awesome! Not only Megaman merging with Rush, as well as Beat and Flip-Top (the latter two he could fuse with in MvC), but his brother ans his rival? This needs to be DLC.

  12. That they even considered doing something with Tango, is cool. Since he's been long but forgotten, maybe RM12.


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