Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Patch Now Available on PC

A patch is now available for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and Legacy Collection 2 on PC, Capcom confirmed. (No news on home console versions, sorry) The patch addresses the following issues:

  • To address the screen blackout that affected some users when launching the game, the game now checks the resolution of the connected display device and supported resolutions and sets the appropriate output resolution accordingly 
  • Added V-Sync ON/OFF toggle. This option can be found under Options > Graphics > V-Sync. Turning off V-Sync may help increase performance if users experience framerate issues

That's all for now. I know there's a few other issues users would like to see ironed out as well. We'll see what happens. For now, I advise you to continue to vocalize what you'd like to see in a future patch.

Source: Steam Community


  1. This is a good step in the right direction. Anything about the console versions though?

  2. So far no news on the console versions.

  3. "Turning off V-Sync may help increase performance if users experience framerate issues"

    For SNES-PS2 games in 2018.

  4. Add Zero in X challenge. I'd pay for it

    1. . . . It would no longer be called X Challenge though. Also, I can’t picture in my head Zero fighting any of the animal based Mavericks from X-X3. Would be so odd to see.

    2. "It would no longer be called X Challenge though."

      That's like saying it would no longer be called Mega Man X if you could play as another character. Also it's not hard to call it Zero challenge, which ironically it could be if they give Zero some of his more broken moves.

    3. I can picture it: In fact, I remember very vividly playing Megaman Xtreme 2 as Zero taking on Launch Octopus, Flame Mammoth, Tunnel Rhino, and Blast Hornet in their respective levels on the Gameboy Color and it didn't seem odd to me, especially considering the context of them brought back to life through Soul Resurrection because of the "Soul Erasure" Incident.

    4. I can't imagine how to even land a hit to the opponents as Zero in Vol.2 Hard 6-3 fight. A balance fix is a "must go" if they did have plan to include Zero version, but in my view it probably won't happen according to the designers' undoing. Unless the universe we live had been changed.

  5. For god’s sake let consoles turn off vsync too, and not just on this collection but all of them

  6. I wonder why only PC gets a patch.

  7. I'll make a quick list of things to fix/upgrade:
    -The crashes(I got lucky and mine runs fine).
    -The game crashes when starting in fullscreen and only when starting(It runs fine when you change it from windowed to fullscreen. It can be fixed by turning it off in the config file and then it'll launch in fullscreen anyway perfectly fine, but it has to be done every time you launch the game).
    -Sometimes in X5 the background in some levels and cutscenes glitches for a split second. Most noticeable in Sigma's stages.
    -Fix the input lag altogether.
    -Add a Turbo Mode mostly for X1-X2 so we don't get slowdown.
    -Add a couple more images to the gallery(I seem to recall a few that were on the PS2 collection that aren't here).
    -Add as many unused songs as possible.
    Now these are more of a pipe dream but I'll add them anyway:
    -Add the X1-X2 remixed soundtracks that were meant to appear on the PS2 collection.
    -Re translate X6 which also was meant to be on X Collection.
    -Add the PS1 version of X3(Not my favourite, but some people like it and I know they'll need to pay for One More Time and Believe if they do).
    Now I really doubt about this one considering we are not sure if it's completed:
    -Add the re-dub of X4 also cut from the X collection.

    1. I second re-translating X6.

      - Add an option to play the Rockman version of the games in English with the Japanese names
      - Fix the bugs in X6. The mapping issues specifically.
      - Forget the precious snowflakes and restore the X4 opening.
      - Add an option to play music from the hard drive that overwrites in game sound, giving players the chance to play the game with any music of their choice.
      - Remove excessive confirmation menus in X7.

      I know these are never happening, but would be awesome nonetheless.
      I'd pay a DLC fee for these features...

    2. No. The slowdowns should be left alone for accuracy purposes to the originals in terms of the gameplay. As it is now with the shotty emulators they are using, it's not accurate to the originals with slowdowns. X2 was a prime example for me.

      If you want a more original and better experience. Get an SNES/SFC with RGB SCART cables with a good upscaler or buy an Analogue Super Nt because it has it's own HDMI scaler and a great FPGA console. If you want remixed music for X1~3. Buy an SD2SNES. Well worth the money.

      If you want to play X4~6 with good upscaling. Buy RGB SCART Cables for a PlayStation and use a good upscaler. You might get worse load times if you aren't using PSIO. But every option I've listed here is a million times better than the X Lagacy Collection with it's horrendous upscaling and input lag.

      X7 and X8 are the only exceptions for this release if you want to play them with the better graphics and should be played in Type 1 setting. I personally don't. So it's fine for me.

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  9. Capcom please release X Challenge mode balance fix. Here are some basic but "need to go" suggestions posted earlier:
    (1) Nerf the Vol.2 Hard mode 6-3 opponents damage; they inflict too much damage to the point of unplayable. And no life refill item after beating a particular boss = no d**n clue to even beat a match normally; everything rely on luck at Hard 5-2 which is an absolutely bad thing. Because not every stage has Striker Chain available.

    (2) Defense should be Easy=400% , Normal=200%, Hard=100%; Hard=50% is ridiculous - simply because NOT EVERY gamer is God gamer. Having something tough to challenge IS good, but it must be based on something POSSIBLE; treating EVERYONE as God gamer standard is absolutely bad. B.A.D.

    (3) Designers, please think about the special battle trigger condition once again; please keep in mind that this is commercial game from Capcom, not something that only contain punishes in order to satisfy the self-torture sadistic ones. And please add the actual special battle after the special battle story intro unlock-able in the X challenge opening menu.

    Maverick Hunter X English opening tune is actually awesome, I don't get why it was not included but Day of Sigma did.


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