Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mega Man Mastermix Issue #4 Covers and Solicitation

Courtesy of Previews World, here's two new covers and the solicitation for Mega Man Mastermix #4:

"The Blue Bomber returns to comics through the classic stories of Japanese artist Hitoshi Ariga -- available for the first time in color!
Mega Man must team up with friends and foes alike to stop both the destructive Gamma robot, and the out-of-control Yellow Devil! It's a giant robot rampage in the latest chapter of Mega Man Mastermix!"

As per usual, Ariga is doing the standard cover. The variant cover this time is being handled by Andrew Dickman, a longtime Mega Man fan and friend to this very blog.

Mastermix #4 is due to hit stores on October 24th. Mastermix #3, by the way, is still on track for August 15th. It's comin' soon!


  1. Wow, Ariga's cover is awesome. Looking forward to it.

  2. Just to clarify before I call Comic Masters and ask them to hold one for the cover on the right is the alternate?

  3. Looking at the description & Ariga's cover, Asteroid Blues is split into two? I guess they're going to include the other half and also Metal Heart.

    While some of Perez's coloring are off (I've seen some mistakes here and there), I can't wait to see Skullman's chapter colored.

    1. I actually did a little research on the page numbers for each individual story a couple of months ago to compare with the 80 page limit for the Mastermix issues: I noticed the same thing that you saw, and I asked an "expert" to verify my findings. He has good indication that some of the 50-page stories like the ones in Megamix Vol. 2 will be paired with short one-offs while the 100-page epics, i.e. Megamix Vol. 3, will be split into multi-parters.


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