Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hyperkin Mega Man 11 Controller Revealed

Hyperkin has revealed their Mega Man 11-themed X91 wired controller for Xbox One and PC. It's due hit retail right in time for Mega Man 11 on October 2nd &amp, retailing for $29.99 (£23.34/€25.79).

Official product description below:

The Blue Bomber is back in action, now with the help of the coolest 90s-style controller for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. The Hyperkin X91: Mega Man 11 Edition controller combines the classic look of a 90s-style controller, the features of a modern controller, and a special stunning Mega Man 11 theme, featuring the Blue Bomber himself. This retro twist has a premium internal build that rivals its modern-style competitors. The officially Xbox-licensed X91 was designed with ergonomics in mind. It's comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time.
  • Special Mega Man theme
  • Premium build
  • Precision analog triggers
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Retro design with modern ergonomics

Pre-orders are currently up at Gamestop as well as Hyperkin's own website. 

Will you be picking one up? 

Source: Hyperkin


  1. I like what they did with the right stick.

  2. Hmm... it's pretty cheap though I wonder how much the price will be tanked for shipping. Hopefully this isn't an exclusive because if it isn't I will wait to see it sold more locally.

  3. The D-Pad and right analog stick are placed in...interesting positions. Ones I don't think I'd particularly like.

    I guess what I'm most curious about is what the quality of the D-Pad will be. The Xbox One's normal D-Pad is awful, but since this controller is being built for a 2.5D platformer specifically, I would hope this one will be better.

  4. Aww.... would've liked to have one but it seems like they only ship within the US. Oh well....

  5. Don't use Hyperkin's website - their shipping prices are outrageous. If you have a local GameStop choose "ship to store" and pick it up in person to save a wad of dough.

  6. that's beautiful. too bad it's not wireless

  7. I've been wanting this controller (the original release) for a while now, but the prices in Europe are insane. I doubt this release will be available through normal means either.

  8. I would 100% buy one designed for Ps4 or Switch. Being Xbox only is lame.

  9. Should've taken the effort to swap the d-pad and analog stick

  10. I hope this ends up working on the switch

  11. Hyperkin. It's 9 feet of Mega Man - for them, NOT YOU!

  12. Well, there's little over a month left until Mega Man 11 releases, and we still don't know the identities of DWN-084, DWN-085, DWN-087, and DWN-088 (I'm still shocked that Capcom chose to skip over the first two with Torch Man's reveal). Also, we haven't seen the mine stage at all since the 2017 30th Anniversary stream.


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