Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Images of Deluxe Classic Mega Man Figure

Thanks to a recent listing on Big Bad Toystore, here are some brand-new images of Jakks Pacific's upcoming Deluxe Classic Mega Man figure. Official product description below:

The deluxe 12-inch Mega Man figure features authentic sounds and music from the original game, 9 points of articulation, 3 accessory pieces that activate new sounds and music when plugged into the mega buster cannon, and amazing collector packaging. The deluxe 12-inch Mega Man is perfect for play or to display! Get yours today and relive the excitement of the iconic Mega Man series of video games

Product Features

  • 12 inches (30.48cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • 9 Points of articulation
  • Light and sound effects
  • Amazing collector packaging

Box Contents

  • Mega Man figure
  • 3 Projectiles

The figure was originally slated to drop this month but according to BBTS, it's now due sometime in Q4 2018 (i.e later this year). Pre-orders are available now for $42.99.


  1. What is this hunched, no-neck abomination? The proportions make me want to rocket myself into the center of the sun via projectile vomiting.

    1. Well, this is a Mega Man figured produced by Jakks Pacific. It's not of super-high quality, but it looks great for what it is. A welcome, mainstream effort to be seeing in stores.

      But it's rhetorical exaggeration like that, seen almost everywhere on the net, that makes the fanbase look bad. It's not clever, cute, or funny. It's ungrateful and unhelpful.

      For anyone expecting something like say, the X-Plus Gigantic Mega Man figure or even a D-Arts, your expectations are set too high.

    2. it looks ok and it's clearly meant for kids to play with. if you want a great-looking mega man figure to display, we already have tons, like the kotobukiya and d-arts ones.

  2. $42.99 for something low quality like this is honestly insulting.

    1. it's because this abomination is 12 inches tall, and full of electronic soundmaking stuff

  3. Oh my gosh. So ugly figure. Japan version is so much better looking. @_@

  4. $42.99 isn't really worth it IMO. You can probably get a sentinel figure with that much money

  5. That looks pretty bad, like a scaled up McDonalds toy.

  6. sound effects are a neat gimmick, but it looks like a budget d-arts or 4 inch nel

  7. (I'm surprised nobody has complained about the shape of the rolling cutter.)

    Anyway, this is clearly a toy for actual children ... but it's strangely not priced like a toy for kids, and seems to hover somewhere between that and a "collectible" price range.

    This product definitely isn't for me, as I think Jakks is obviously a toy company aimed at making stuff which young kids can literally throw around. The price-point is all wrong though; I think for $10-$15 less they would not only attract more casual buyers (like parents who aren't 100% certain their kid will like this figure) and collectors who think this isn't perfect, but would add it to their collection just out of curiosity.

    BBTS is also generally a little overpriced, especially with pre-orders; in 6 months there will still plenty of these around at other vendors, and they'll probably have dropped to what they are worth, which is (in my opinion) in the $25 range.

    I'll pass on this regardless of the price ... unless it's $20, and my kid (who has a passing interest in Mega Man) likes it.

  8. this is better than a disgusting pachinko machine.


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