Friday, August 31, 2018

Impact Man Announced for Mega Man 11

What better way to kick off PAX weekend than a brand-new Robot Master reveal? Heeeere's Impact Man!

Via Capcom Unity:

"It’s time for some heavy metal. Joining the four previously revealed Robot Masters for Mega Man 11, the large and in charge Impact Man has assembled an army of building ‘bots at an old construction site, and it’s up to Mega Man to tear down his ambitions. A dedicated robot who likes to see a job through to the end, Impact Man is focused solely on spiking Mega Man into the ground… permanently! Read on to learn more about this riveting boss robot and his unique special weapon."
Most of the robots around the construction site keep up with proper safety protocol, setting up electrified barriers and Missile Cones to deter gate crashers. Pickaxe-throwing robots called Pickmen are stationed as lookouts for trespassers while Metalls are littered about, wearing their everything-proof safety helmets at all times and unleashing projectiles on unsuspecting intruders. With all these robots dedicated to safety, it might just lull you into a false sense of security as you dive into the construction site. Good thing Mega Man has his own helmet! Fortunately, the caves are structurally sound, and you won’t have to worry about falling rocks… unless you take a wrong step. With pickaxes, missiles, and all kinds of projectiles flying around, you’ll need to take extreme care that Mega Man’s adventures don’t come to a premature end from falling into a pit. Fortunately, clever use of the Speed Gear can help you maneuver around projectiles or knock stray pickaxes out of the air with a well-placed shot from your Mega Buster.

Before going spelunking, it’s a good idea to grab a few items from Dr. Light’s Lab like Beat Calls and E Tanks. Each single-use Beat Call is a literal lifesaver if you fall into a deadly pit, automatically summoning Mega Man’s friendly bird ally, Beat, to swoop in and rescue the Blue Bomber from impending doom. Helpful as the little robot bird is, Beat can only fly for so long while carrying Mega Man. Be sure to find a safe place to land before Beat gets tuckered out and drops Mega Man like a... well, you know.

Despite being taken over by Impact Man, the construction site is still bustling with activity, and nothing will stop these ‘bots from getting the job done. You might have seen Pickman Digger in the very first trailer for Mega Man 11 – he’s quite dedicated to his job and an accomplished driver, but never quite figured out how to operate the backhoe. Trading his pickaxe for a stick shift, this miniboss will try to bring heavy machinery down on the Blue Bomber’s head, or swing wildly in a circle to sideswipe players who aren’t keeping a close eye on the background. Careful positioning can keep you on your feet as he slams his way around the arena, shaking loose boulders as he goes, but you’ll have to time your shots just right to hit the cockpit and deal damage.

As the fight goes on, a Missile Cone drops on to the cabin, joining the fray to unleash a barrage of projectiles at Mega Man. Never doubt the comradery of construction! The power of friendship is on full display here, but it might not be as fun when it’s used against you. Clever use of special weapons gained from other Robot Masters can help turn the fight in your favor, so be sure to give it everything you’ve got!
Your reward for punching out Impact Man is a spike of your very own, the aptly named Pile Driver. It’s great for dashing horizontally at high speeds, temporarily sticking to anything solid you impact before shoving off with an explosion and doing severe damage to enemies. By utilizing the Power Gear, you’ll get a longer dash and a more powerful explosion! Pile Driver makes a great way to get across gaps or to cover ground swiftly, and can even pierce straight through weaker enemies. It’s a great choice for completing stages quickly, or for clever movement tricks as long as you have the weapon energy to use it.

If you're heading to PAX this weekend you'll have the opportunity to play a Mega Man 11 demo with four playable stages to try! Impact Man, Block Man, Fuse Man, and Torch Man!

More details at Capcom Unity.


  1. That Weapon looks friggin' awesome. I could see all sorts of tricks being pulled off with that thing. And the fight with Impact Man himself also looks great. It looks like the ideal sort of encounter I want out of Mega Man bosses: patterns that are somewhat simple to recognize with a certain rhythm you have to get into to avoid them, but falling out of the rhythm is quite easy.

  2. Nice! I'm loving this robot master's design. The new weapon powerup looks cool too! It's like a more useful version of Charge Man's weapon and that Break Dash attack from MMV.

  3. neat.
    they need to up the reveals
    time is getting close.

    1. I agree. The wait for DWN-084, DWN-085, and DWN-088 shouldn't take as long, since we still have about a month away.

  4. I was hesitant on the game's quality at first because of how forced the Double Gear system seems to be (I was getting Angel/Demon weapon DmC flashbacks), but these weapons have been promising!

  5. catchy tune.
    And i'm really liking what we see of this Robot Master weapon.

  6. Finally, the big guy Robot Master of the title. I'm in love already. <3

  7. Gotta say, these MM11 robot masters are really solid.

  8. I went to PAX this past weekend and waited 3 hours just to try out the demo (you got a cool pin too but I think that was part of the reason why the wait was long.) They had Newcomer, Casual, and Normal difficulties available. I went with Normal and I played Blast Man's stage, which was supposedly the 2nd hardest stage. Unfortunately, I got put on the Xbox One station and it had that weird Mega Man controller that was recently announced. I had difficulty with the mid boss. Didn't kill it until one of the reps told me you could just shoot those explosion enemies at the roller coaster. I was trying to kill it old skool! Sadly, I didn't even make it to Blast Man himself. Didn't like the controller. Was hoping I would get put on the Switch or PS4 station. Wasn't sure if all 4 platforms were present. His walking animation still looks bad....


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