Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bandai Announces "Rockman X 25th Anniversary - Memorial Carddass Edition"

Back in July Bandai announced that they would be producing a completely new set of Carddass Rockman X cards rather than reprinting further older cards like they did early this year with the Rockman X & Rockman X Mega Mission Selection Box. This new set will contain brand-new cards and a new manga by Yoshihiro Iwamoto, mangaka of the famous Rockman X manga. The set comes with 24 cards, 10 of them will have new illustrations by Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

The price is 8,100 yen ($73 - 64€ ) and preorders close on September 25. Expected to be shipped during November.

The content of the set are as follows:
  • 24 Prism Cards.
  • 1 Clear Binder.
  • Special Comic Booklet (10 pages of manga plus 2 pages of commentary).

Rockman X 25th Anniversary - Memorial Carddass Edition will be sold exclusively through Premium Bandai only in Japan. If you want this in your collection you will have to use a proxy service or check import stores like Nin-Nin-Game. They're taking preorders for $82 - 72€ right now!


  1. Looks a little expensive for just 24 cards, I get that they are making new illustration and that cost money but the previous box had more than 160 cards and also a manga and the binder.

    I wish Ariga was doing some art, I like his style more than Iwamoto's.

  2. Ultra bishonen Megaman X returns.

  3. Wow.... expenso... very expenso... This is madness.


  4. Sorry I know it's kind of unrelated but any clue why Capcom USA didn't seem to bother with a US version of X's 25th anniversary logo. I know it's not the biggest deal in the world but i was mildly sad to see it not used.

    One friend or mine said maybe it's because his US release was technically the next year... but it was by roughly 1 month missed. So I mean it's logical but kind of disappointing in my opinion. I was pretty excited to see Japan acknowledging an individual series anniversary outside of *depending on how you look at it* the Megaman franchise as a whole or b) the classic series the logos normally cater to.

  5. card butt.....there i said it. ur welcome.

  6. I preordered it and i will scan them all like i did with the first batch.


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