Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Golden 30th Anniversary Statues Revealed

Capcom Japan has revealed not one, but two new 30th Anniversary statues on today's Capcom-TV stream! The stream showed gameplay of one the new challenges featured in "Challenge Mode" in  Mega Man 11, the mode shown counted how many jumps you had made in the stage, the goal being to reach the end of the stage with the minimum amount of jumps used. Speaking of jumps, more after the jump below.

Ucchy went on to reveal two golden 30th anniversary statues (Goldmember would be proud!) both come in a rather swanky display case. And yes; they're made of real gold.

So what's the price for these? Well lets just say they aren't the cheapest of anniversary items! The smaller statue is going for 690,000 Yen ($6,216.00 or 5,461.00 Euros)

The larger one is going for a cool 2,400,000.00 Yen! ($21,623.00 or 18,997.00 Euros) 

With prices that high I'd imagine only the hardest of hardcore collectors will be applying for these! We're still awaiting details on availability & where you can order these from, though i'd imagine E-Capcom store in Japan is a safe bet. 

Source - Capcom TV 


  1. It doesnt mean anything to me. It is just.... real gold. No big deal. :-)

    1. You gotta say it like Frost Man.

      "It means nothing to me!!!!"

  2. Gold statues don't particularly appeal to me, what with the lack of color. If it featured a less-used pose, that'd also help. But I'm sure they'll get cleared out eventually by those folks that want as much Mega Man merch as they can get. Just hope they don't fall into debt doing so.

  3. For every one of the big ones they sell, Capcom can sell 600 less copies of Rockman 11. So I guess it's to help cover potential poor sales?

  4. Holy crap.... 21,000$ US?! So like a million dollars Canadian then.... that's pretty nuts. I hope we get some anniversary figures or statues that we can actually afford...

  5. I like how xover is in the background poster. You can't even play his game anymore. Great legacy.

  6. I don't have that kind of money and even if I did, i'm not really digging the statues much.

  7. What a stupidity. They just wants people's money for their profits. For this ? Really silly!


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