Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Jakks Pacific Mega Man Figures and Plushies Hitting US Retail Now

According to a few Rockman Corner readers and a couple users on Instagram, Jakks Pacific Mega Man merchandise has started to appear at various GameStop locations across the US. The following items have been spotted at GameStop and, at the time of this writing, are now available in limited quantities from ToyWiz:

Do note that the "Mega Man Classic Deluxe Action Figure" isn't available yet. Several retailers continue to list it with an August release date, though. I suppose it's possible it could drop within the next week or so, but we're probably looking at a delay. More news on that front soon.

Thanks to Eric, Jimb0, MCX, and MJMenendez for the tips!


  1. Anyone see these in a EBgames in Canada yet? Still haven't seen the cereal up here either....

  2. Someone needs to explain the "action" part of these figures, to me. They don't look very poseable.

    Also. Enough, with the freaking "retro pixel" crap, Capcom!!

  3. Literally just got the plush set & the MM vs CutMan at a local GameStop about a week ago.

  4. Those prices are insane! Hell no!

    1. Those prices are definitely the price online. I did not pay those prices in store.

  5. These are cute and all, but how well do they stand?

  6. Anybody know what the deal with these is? GameStop has one set of a random 2 pack, EE has the whole wave and Toywiz is trying to rip you off. Will these be sold at mass retail and listed on other sites? I got 3 of the two packs, but if the 15 GameStops in my area, none of the Elec Man pack.


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