Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pre-Order Mega Man X Legacy Collection On PSN and Get This Snazzy Theme

Starting today if you pre-order Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 through the PlayStation Store, you'll receive this bonus theme. It includes music and some excellent menu icons. Look at 'em – Zero and Axl buddy up for the 'friends' icon and X joins in for 'communities'. You gotta admit that's pretty cute.

The theme is available to both US and UK users. Snag your pre-order here! Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 launch on July 24th.


  1. damnit, this is why i hate pre-order bonuses
    want a physical copy and the theme?
    too bad! unless you pay double.

    thats an industry wide problem.

    I'd like the option to buy the theme. not via preordering games.

    1. shrap, would you be up for an online petition? I physically pre-ordered Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and missed the digital theme as well.

      I have reached out to Capcom to see if they can post for sale the themes separately (probably months after the release, as respect for those who pre-ordered digitally). but I havent got any response.

      Any chance for you, Protodude, to share this with Capcom? We will really appreaciate it!

      Thank you!



  2. Eh, the Japanese exclusive one is better, imho. Glad I made a Japanese PSN account to get that!

  3. When does it mention paying double? Are we talking about getting both collections, if so I’m not sure if that’s a common problem.

    1. by paying for a physical collection for a disk and a digital one for a theme. double.
      one could preorder the digital then cancel, but thats bs.

  4. Nah. I will get 2 discs for PS4.. No digital download at all due to the space and not a collector's item. The 2 discs are great for collector's item.

  5. No digital download voucher for Switch and no PSN at all. Too much space and not a collector's item. PSN and Digital SUCKS BIG TIME!

    I will be getting PS4 game with 2 discs.. Perfect for a collector's item.

  6. I'd buy the theme if it was available separately, but I already pre-ordered the physical version so I'm not going to buy it a second time. Eff that.


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