Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mega Man 11 Block Man Stage Gameplay (E3 2018)

Here's archived footage from today's Mega Man 11 live stream with Capcom USA and producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and director Koji Oda. There's lots of stuff to see, hear and learn in a about 40-minutes worth of footage.

For the uninitiated, Capcom USA's Kellen plays through the entirety of Block Man's stage in both Normal and Newcomer Mode. The Gear System is on full display here which, again, is an entirely optional tool (you can literally beat the game without using it, they say). Later, we get to see Mega Man square off against two separate "stacking block" boss battles and a fight with Block Man himself (whose apparently a fan of Pink Floyd). Switching to Newcomer Mode, Kellen shows us that players will have access to an unlimited amount of Beat Calls and a rapid fire buster shot.

All in all, Mega Man 11 is shaping up quite nicely. Expect more Mega Man 11 news soon!


  1. Dude, love the Pink Floyd reference from Block Man! Never stop the rock references Capcom in MegaMan games.

  2. looks boring and stale to me.

    1. Wow, what's with that attitude?

    2. Well, there's nothing wrong with having an opinion. The stage itself seems pretty basic/standard, barring the moving wall segments, so I can see why someone might feel that way based just on this footage.

      That said, I'm confident I'll enjoy the game personally. I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas they came up with.

    3. That doesn't mean this footage speaks collectively of the game.

    4. That's true.

      But I think that person was just judging the footage on display here.

      I personally don't even agree with them, I think the stage looks fun enough myself. But it's just an opinion after all.

  3. so far i'm liking the stage design. gear system looks confusing. and most of the time not even needed. the boss fight is also nice. and there's impact animation when he lands. that's nice. yeah. rockman is back. can't wait for october.

  4. Boss fight having multiple phases is nice.

    Hope the other bosses in the game all have things that make them stand out like that.


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