Friday, June 29, 2018

Big Rockman 30th Anniversary Digital Game Bundle on JP PlayStation Store

Want to scoop up the latest Rockman games in one fell swoop? The Japanese PlayStation Store is currently accepting orders for a Rockman 30th anniversary game bundle which includes Rockman 11, Rockman Classics Collection 1, Rockman Classics Collection 2, Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1, and Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2.

But wait – there's a little bit more. On top of that, the bundle also includes three Rockman X Anniversary Collection themes, a Rockman 30th anniversary theme, and the Rockman 11 Wily Numbers alternate music arrangement DLC.

So in total that's 19 individual games plus some extra goodies. How much? Oh, a cool 13,990 yen (roughly $126.23 US). That's not too shabby if you ask me. It's worth pointing out that, if you buy the bundle now, you'll immediately receive Rockman Classics Collection 1 and 2, X Anniversary Collection on release day (July 26th), and Rockman 11+Wily Numbers DLC on October 4th (the Japanese release date). Grab it here.

At this time, there's no sign yet of a Mega Man equivalent on the US or UK storefront. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a bundle popped up eventually.


  1. Nah. Dont want a digital downloading at all. I will stick with two discs. Love the collector's item and an artists. A digital downloading sucks!

  2. That's quite the download so no thanks. Besides, I want the pre-order exclusives.

  3. i hope themes are available for purchasr separately after release.

  4. Eh? What's the Wily Numbers DLC?

    1. Alternate stage music. It's a preorder bonus in the states, too.


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